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CBD isolates, or crystals, are the purest form of CBD available. Our range of CBD crystals are 99.9% pure and organic, so you can be sure you're consuming the best CBD possible. You can consume these extracts directly, or use them to mix your own CBD vape juice and more.

Our CBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease, and are only intended for recreational use


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New to CBD isolates? The purest form of CBD you can get your hands on, this product has become widely sought after, particularly by those who are looking to create their own CBD products.

Unlike full-spectrum CBD products, CBD isolate contains nothing but CBD. That means no THC or other compounds from the cannabis plant at all. It is removed from the cannabis plant using a range of different extraction methods to leave behind CBD in its crystal form. Essentially, pure CBD looks like a powder, and is what is left when all other cannabinoids and plant materials are stripped away.

For a more thorough understanding of CBD, its benefits and how it can be used, check our in-depth guide to CBD.

Can you take CBD crystals by themselves?

In short, yes! One of the biggest benefits to opting for CBD isolate is that it can be consumed on its own, as well as being used to make other products. CBD isolate is completely odourless and tasteless, and most consider it better than traditional CBD oil, which leaves a slight aftertaste. It can be taken directly or dissolved under the tongue. So, if you are looking to benefit from CBD, but don’t want to waste time looking for the perfect product, CBD crystals may be just the thing!

Consuming high strength CBD in this form is particularly popular in those who are believed to have a cannabinoid deficiency. A relatively new idea, it has been suggested that some individuals can struggle to produce all the self-regulating cannabinoids necessary for full health. In this case it has been suggested that pure CBD can help to support the body’s native Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in producing cannabinoids.

What else can I use high strength CBD crystals for?

Whilst pure CBD has become more popular as a stand-alone way of consuming the cannabinoid, its also a great way to try something new. Use CBD crystals and isolates to create your own CBD products from home using only the finest ingredients.

Not only is it easy to measure exact doses with CBD crystals, but it is also incredibly easy to make other products thanks to the fact that CBD isolate has no taste or smell, is highly absorbent and extremely versatile in nature. Using pure CBD, you can:

1. Make your own CBD vape juice

By adding the isolate into the e-juice before vaping, you can create your very own CBD e-liquid with high quality, THC-free CBD. Alternatively, you can check out our range of delicious CBD vape liquids. Unlike other options such as CBD oils which cannot be mixed into standard e-liquid, pure CBD is a simple and straight-forward alternative.

2. Create homemade CBD creams

CBD creams are a hugely popular type of CBD skincare, offering anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties. By simply mixing the pure CBD into the cream or moisturiser before applying, you can benefit from a well-combined, luxurious CBD treatment for your skin.

3. Make your own CBD oils

CBD oils and tinctures are by far one of the most simple ways of getting your daily CBD, often requiring nothing more than the oil itself. However, many people find the taste of traditional CBD oil disagreeable, and so the alternative of making your own using CBD isolate is a great one to consider. By simply adding the CBD isolate to a carrier oil such as coconut oil, you can effortlessly create your very own CBD oil in no time!

Of course, it is possible with the right ingredients and kits to create your own products with other forms of CBD. However most come with their own set of drawbacks that is simply not present when using CBD extract. And, don’t forget, pure CBD is much more affordable in the long-term!

How to use pure CBD crystals safely?

High strength CBD cannot cause serious harm when consumed in large doses, but it can have significantly unpleasant side effects. Some simple ways to ensure you take extra precautions when consuming CBD crystals are:

  • Always read the label. Pure CBD should contain NO THC
  • Only consume pure CBD in the recommended ways, including topically, sublingually, ingesting, dabbing
  • Always weigh out your CBD crystals for accurate dosing
  • Ensure CBD crystals are always stored safely away from children and pets

Staying safe with high strength CBD

Although CBD in high doses isn’t lethal, overdosing on high strength CBD can lead to you feeling lethargic and a little too relaxed. So, it is important to stay safe and in-the-know about dosing and consuming pure CBD such as that sold at Vapemate.

The good news is, measuring out CBD crystals is in fact incredibly easy to do, and the substance lends itself to straight-forward, accurate dosing. So, the only items you will need to ensure accurate CBD extract measurements every time is a good weighing scale.

If you’re new to CBD, or have never tried high strength CBD extract before, we recommend starting off with low volumes. This way you will be able to add to your dosing over time, ensuring any products you make aren’t going to lead to any unpleasant side effects and helping you to figure out the perfect dosage for you.

What’s the law around high strength CBD isolates?

Although different across the world, the laws around CBD in the UK remain pretty straight-forward, and this remains the case when discussing CBD extract too.

In accordance with the current UK law, CBD oil is legal to buy and consume in the UK, as long as the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content remains below 0.2%. THC as it stands remains to be a controlled substance under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

In relation to high strength CBD isolates – the UK law states that there should be no THC contents at all. This is to ensure that the CBD which has been extracted through either CO2 or solvent extraction has been done so properly and in full compliance with the law. It is recommended here that precise lab tests are carried out to have a rate of limit detection of 0.1% or less for THC contents.

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