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CBD skincare has seen a rise in prominence over recent years, particularly in the UK. From CBD muscle balm to CBD cream, the properties of this cannabinoid have proven incredibly beneficial for our skin, with many making it part of their everyday skincare routine. Fancy going one step further? Check out the rest of our CBD products or stick to our skincare range below.


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Although CBD products have been hailed for their anti-inflammatory properties for many years now, it has taken some time for beauty and skincare brands to take notice. Now, the market is inundated with everything from CBD for arthritis to CBD moisturisers, massage oils and even face masks!

The turnaround has truly been ground-breaking for the skincare and beauty industry, making it easier than ever before for people to get access to high-quality CBD skincare products.

Here at Vapemate, we work hard to offer variety. We understand the types of products our customers are looking for and aim to be a source of information and safe, reputable products. Whether it’s skincare, CBD edibles or CBD vape juice you’re looking for – we have ensured that we only stock UK regulated products. And, for those new to the industry, we have also written a thorough guide to CBD where you can find out more.

What are the different types of CBD creams and skincare?

Like we’ve said, there’s certainly no shortage of CBD creams in the UK market right now. That’s why we’ve been very particular about the different CBD skincare products we stock here at Vapemate. Our range is all UK regulated and safe for use, so why not take a look at the CBD skincare ranges we offer below:

1. Creams

When it comes to topicals, CBD cream is up there as one of the most popular. Whether it’s face cream or body cream, CBD has become a welcome addition to compliment a range of other beneficial ingredients, and here at Vapemate, we supply some of the most reputable skincare brands on the market. From LDN CBD to Ambience, our CBD infused cream range offers a feeling of luxury and therapeutic self-care.

2. Balms

Traditionally, balms were designed to ease sore skin and provide healing properties. CBD balm works in much the same way and can be designed for use on the body as well as other areas such as the lips. Our CBD balm range is extensive, including brands from Love CBD and Ambience through to CBDfx, Hemp Bombs and more. So, depending on the area of concern, we’re confident we will have a CBD balm for the job.

3. Face masks

CBD is most commonly known in the skincare industry for its anti-inflammatory properties. So, when combined with other traditional skincare ingredients in the form of a facemask, it can work as a boost for the skin. Give your face an injection of rejuvenation with our range of CBD facemasks from CBDfx.

4. Moisturiser

Perhaps one of the most popular skincare products for both men and women, moisturiser works to return moisture to dry skin, whether that be on the face or body. Usually combined with essential nourishing oils, CBD moisturiser works to provide glowing, dewy skin that looks and feels wonderful.

5. Massage oils

Looking to give your skin the spa treatment? CBD massage oils are a perfect way of doing just that! Infusing CBD into body oil, you get the benefits of a luxurious THC-free skin treatment from the comfort of your own home. Our range of CBD massage oils is vast and comes in a range of sizes.

6. Muscle creams

Whether you’re an avid workout enthusiast or suffer from stiff joints and aching muscles, CBD muscle cream is a great option. Combined with a range of other therapeutic ingredients, CBD offers a helping hand in the recovery of tired and sore muscles.

7. Pain relief creams

CBD cream has been used to aid in the relief of arthritic symptoms for a number of years, suggesting it has some benefits when it comes to pain relief. Pain relief creams containing CBD therefore have become hugely popular for a wide range of complaints, with some suggesting they offer users reduced pain and stiffness when used correctly.

What are the benefits of CBD for skin?

The first thing to note about CBD skincare is that it is actually very rich in nutrients. This is a fact often overlooked, but when combined with other nourishing ingredients, it can make the perfect accompaniment to your skincare regime.

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD is legal for use here in the UK as long as it contains less than 0.2% THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana). And, when it comes to the CBD skincare ranges we offer here at Vapemate, our customers can feel confident that each product has been UK regulated and features a clear list of ingredients on the labelling.

So – why is CBD so popular for use in skincare? Alongside the many studies done into CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, this all-natural cannabinoid has also proven to be useful in resolving dry skin and eczema, leaving skin soft to the touch. Much like any other popular plant-based ingredient such as eucalyptus and lavender, cannabidiol, or CBD, provides the user with a low-risk solution that contains no chemical nasties!

There are many studies which have also shown CBD to have anti-oxidant properties, which are known within the skincare and beauty industry for protecting the skin against everyday environmental damage. Not only this, but anti-oxidants also have the power to brighten dull skin and leave it feeling soft, supple and healthy.

What else can CBD creams be used for?

When you think of CBD cream, the first thing that comes to mind is probably everyday skincare, an at home pamper session or simply a means of resolving problematic skin issues. However, CBD skincare can often offer more benefits than your standard CBD cream, including everything from sports massage to the perfect hangover cure!

Here is a brief rundown on other ways you can get the most out of your CBD skincare products:

Pain Relief

When it comes to the science behind CBD’s role in relieving pain, there is still much research to be done. However, we do know that CBD has shown huge potential in its ability to relieve muscular pain and discomfort, making it a great option to try if you’re looking for accessible relief.


Ever heard of a CBD massage? Certainly a more recent addition to the CBD skincare industry, but one that has proven highly popular – CBD massage oil offers all the benefits of regular oil, with the potential for reduced inflammation and swelling, improved dexterity and a reduction in pain.

Hangover cure

It may come as a surprise, but there are now CBD skincare products designed to assist you out of a hangover. If you’ve suffered from a hangover before, you’ll likely be aware of the aftermath it can have on the skin. Feelings of dehydration and general dryness caused by alcohol consumption. Products such as the CBD Hangover Patch by Hemp Bombs have been made to offer reasonably low amounts of CBD in order to leave your skin feeling refreshed an with a new lease of life.

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