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Created by Swedish metal band Despite and blended by Vapemate, Cog One is a mix of sweet and sharp fruit flavours.

911 911 Directors Cut

Created by Swedish metal band Despite and blended by Vapemate, Cog One is a mix of sweet and sharp fruit flavours.

Full Description

Commissioned by Despite and blended by Vapemate, Cog One eliquid is a complex blast of sweet and sharp fruits perfectly blended with creams that will smash your taste buds into ecstasy.

We worked closely with Despite frontman Peter Tuthill on the development of Cog One. Peter and other members of Despite promote vaping as a means to quit smoking, as it has weaned Peter off of a 3-packs-a-day habit. You can find out more about Despite on its official website.

Directors Cut Eliquid is a superior eliquid product designed for maximum cloud production. We use 100% pure food grade Vegetable Glycerine (VG) in every bottle. Directors Cut Eliquid is blended at 80% VG and 20% flavour. We believe this provides the best balance between vapour production and flavour intensity.

Directors Cut Eliquid is available in 0MG, 3MG & 6MG nicotine and is great for use in all kinds of tanks and devices, but is especially suitable for high wattage devices, low resistance atomisers and drippers/RDAs.

Pack Contains

  • 1 x 10ml bottle filled with Directors Cut Cog One premium eliquid

Eliquid Guidance

Directors Cut Eliquid is designed to be used at high voltage/wattage or with low resistance atomisers. It can also be used in most standard electronic cigarette tanks and clearomisers, but due to the high-viscosity of Directors Cut Eliquid, care should be taken to ensure your device can vapourise the liquid sufficiently. 

All Vapemate eliquid is pre-steeped and every bottle is ready to vape as soon as you receive it. Store your e-liquid in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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