Freebase Nicotine E-Liquid

Freebase nicotine eliquids are the original type of nicotine liquids that were on the market. They offer a smoother more rounded vaping experience with less of a nicotine hit. If you prefer more of a throat hit then consider 50-50 eliquids instead.


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Freebase nicotine e-liquids were the very first type of e-liquid to enter the vape market. This type of liquid is famed for its versatility, as it can be made using any kind of nicotine strength, VG/PG ratio or colour. For these reasons, it is one of the most popular types of e-liquid on the market today. These e-liquids offer a smoother, more rounded vaping experience with less of a nicotine hit. If you prefer more of a hit, then maybe nic salts are more for you.

What is freebase nicotine?

Freebase nicotine is the purest form of nicotine around and is by far the most commonly used source of nicotine in e-liquids. This form of nicotine is ‘freebase’ because it has been mixed with ammonia, which allows the nicotine to flow through the body properly, allowing for a great nicotine hit.

Why choose freebase nicotine?

There are a number of reasons why freebase nicotine is the better vaping option. Firstly, because it's made of pure nicotine, it has a strong yet smooth throat hit. Freebase nicotine also has no additives, can be made into a wide range of flavours and can have a number of nicotine levels. It's the perfect way for smokers to quit smoking cigarettes in favour of this more healthy option, as they can choose a higher hit of nicotine without having to smoke cigarettes. Lower strengths of freebase nicotine can give a smoother throat hit to the user, perfect for those who don’t like a harsh feeling in their throat. It's important to note that, in high doses, freebase nicotine can be incredibly harsh on the throat. It can also cause coughing issues and sore throats. Over a long period of time, freebase nicotine may also cause lung damage or breathing issues. Some e-cigarettes have also been linked to heart issues, strokes, nicotine addiction and poisoning. All of these effects should be considered when you're thinking about vaping.

Freebase nicotine flavours

There are many different varieties of vape juice flavours with freebase nicotine, as it can be mixed with any flavour at all. Therefore, no matter what flavour you like, or if you like a whole range of flavours, freebase nicotine has plenty of options to choose from. There are a lot of different brands of freebase nicotine, so let’s take a deeper look into some of the best options out there so that you can make an informed choice.

Director’s Cut

Our Director’s Cut freebase nicotine e-liquids are truly the perfect choice if you're looking for a luxurious vape experience. These premium e-liquids are hand-crafted and each one is blended with a perfectly balanced flavour. Some of the most interesting flavours include Beach Party, Berries and Cream and Froot Juice. If you're looking for an exceptional vaping experience, Director's Cut is the right choice for you. From the Pantry Are you a dessert lover? If you are, we have the perfect freebase nicotine e-liquids for you. Our exceptional From the Pantry range of e-liquids has been specifically designed to replicate the flavour of some of the most popular sweet treats. From Lemon Tart to Apple Bake to Lime Twist, each puff from your vape will taste like a delicious dessert. These flavours come in a variety of sizes, perfect for any vaper.

Soda Steam

Ready for a refreshing hit? If you're a Mountain Dew or lemonade lover, you’ll love our wide range of flavourful e-liquids that taste just like your favourite soda! Whether you're a big fan of cherryade or enjoy a lime soda, we have the flavour for you. Our expertly crafted and premium Soda Steam liquids come in both 50ml short fill bottles and 10ml TPD compliant bottles.

Vapemate Classic

If you're a fan of the classic flavours, our Vapemate Classic e-juices are the perfect choice for you. Our Classic e-liquids come in over 100 flavours, so everyone can have their favourite vape juice. Plus, with over 2 VG options and 5 different nicotine strengths, you will be spoilt for choice! From Absinthe to Blackjack, we have every flavour you could imagine! If you're looking to explore the world of vaping and try new flavours, our classic range is the perfect choice.

Vapemate Origins

Feeling overwhelmed by all the choices? Are you a novice vaper? Our Vapemate Original e-liquids are perfect if you're looking for a gentle introduction to the world of vaping. With a range of simple flavours and designed for easy use, these freebase nicotine e-liquids are affordable and tasty.

Learn more about freebase nicotine today

If you're looking to learn more information about freebase nicotine e-liquids or have any other questions about our products, our team at Vapemate will be more than happy to help. Contact us today to receive expert advice on all of our products or for more general advice about vaping.

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