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Nicotine shots are a small 10ml bottle of liquid with a high nicotine concentration that are added to shortfill eliquid in order to create a bespoke vape mix. Shop our range of nic shots and flavoured e-liquids online today to find your perfect mix.


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What are nic shots?

Nicotine shots, or nic shots, are usually 18mg of pure nicotine sold in 10ml bottles. These are then added to higher volume bottles of different flavoured e-liquids, most commonly 60ml bottles that contain 50ml of liquid. The other 10ml of space is purposely left at the top for mixing. These are known as a shortfill. Simply fill up the 10ml worth of space in your shortfill with your chosen nic shot and you’ve got a perfect mix made to your preference.

Why do this, you may ask? Well, since the TDP came into effect, e-liquids containing nicotine must be sold in 10ml bottles - any amount over this must be nicotine-free. Purchasing nic shots and shortfills to make a higher volume of lower concentrated nicotine e-juice is a way around this that allows regular vapers to purchase and make up larger amounts of their favourite flavours! Think of it like a spirit (the nic shot) and the mixer (the e-liquid or shortfill).

Nic shots are usually flavourless, as this allows the flavour of the e-liquid to take precedence, but some of our Vapemate shots do also have flavours, so you can mix to create a unique taste - or use them to give your already chosen flavour a little boost. Added to e-liquid shortfills, they allow you to create a custom vape mix by adding as little or as much nicotine you want to your favourite flavour e-liquid.

At Vapemate, some of our most popular nic shots are either flavoured, or designed to enhance the flavour of your chosen e-liquid. For example, our Cool shot adds a cooling sensation to your liquid, not too dissimilar to the taste of menthol. Our Fizz nic shot gives your e-liquid a fizzing, bubbly sensation and makes your mix sparkle in the mouth, while our Sour shot adds a deliciously tangy, sour flavour to your chosen mix. We also stock a Nicotine Salts variety, which is unflavoured, but offers a smoother, rounder nicotine experience and is less harsh on the throat and mouth than traditional nicotine, with a subtler, more pleasant taste.

How to use nic shots

Using nic shots is very easy. Simply take your chosen nic shot and your chosen shortfill. The nic shot will be 10ml of liquid with a concentration of usually 18mg, while the shortfill will be 50ml of your chosen flavour of e-liquid in a 60ml bottle, with no nicotine content. Add the 10ml nic shot to the 50ml of e-liquid in your shortfill, shake to combine, and you’ve got yourself a perfectly combined mix.

If you would like a stronger mix, you can purchase a bottle of e-liquid and mix in your nic shots in a separate bottle so as to fit in as many as you require. This way you have even more control over the quantity and concentration of the liquid. The only downside is that it is less convenient than simply topping up a shortfill with a standard single nic shot.

How many nic shots do I need?

Some simple maths can help you to work out the new concentration of your mix. For example, combining the usual quantities of 10ml of an 18mg nic shot with 50ml of 0mg e-liquid in a shortfill, gives you 60ml of a 3mg liquid, as the nicotine in the nic shot is dispersed through the e-liquid.

At Vapemate, we sell nic shots with a concentration of 18mg as standard but sell shortfills and e-liquids in different concentrations – namely 0mg, 3mg and 6mg. This, when combined with the 18mg nic shot, will create a vaping mixture with higher overall nicotine content.

Another way to reach a higher nicotine content is to purchase a bottle of e-liquid and make your own mix, adding your desired number of nic shots. For example, if you have 50ml of 0mg e-liquid, and would like your final e-liquid to have a strength of 6mg, then you’ll need 3 nic shots.

Can you vape pure nicotine shots?

You technically can physically vape most liquids. However, this is highly unadvisable. Whether you’re new to the world of vaping or a seasoned professional, vaping a pure nic shot is often an unpleasant experience when done incorrectly, that will feel sharp, coarse and create a burning sensation at the back of your throat. It also will have no flavour at all and may taste unpleasant.

If you want to try this, you should research your vaping device and check that it can handle being used in this way. You should not vape a nicotine shot direct-to-lung, as this will be painful and could make you ill. Inhaling mouth-to-lung and very slowly is the way to go. If you do it properly, vaping a nic shot can give a strong hit of nicotine with no flavour - which you may prefer than mixed with our flavoured e-liquids.

Whatever you’re looking for, we think we’ll have the right combination for you at Vapemate. From fun flavoured e-liquids ready to be mixed with nic shots to high concentrated nic shots in flavour-boosting varieties, we’ve got all you need for the perfect vape. If you’re in any doubt at all then don’t hesitate to get in touch, where one of our team will be happy to advise you on what products may be right for you.

For more information, inspiration, and advice, please see our blog, shop out our nic shots online today, or contact us.

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