50/50 E-Liquid

50/50 VG/PG e-liquids are great all-rounders that are suitable for most vaping devices. This type of vape juice gives a well-balanced amount of vapour and throat hit, making it perfect for all-day vaping. Browse our range of 50/50 vape juice, available in a range of flavours and strengths below.


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50VG/50PG e liquids for most vapers are the safest choice, offering an even, proportional experience of everything that vape can offer - a satisfying flavour, aesthetically sound clouds, a substantial throat hit and smooth inhalation. Before you browse our extensive range of 50/50 vape juices, available in an assortment of flavours, read further to get the full lowdown on what 50/50 liquids can offer and how they can work specifically for your vaping needs.

What vape kit should you use with 50/50 e-liquids?

50/50 e-liquid does not contain a majority of either PG or VG, which makes for a well-rounded e-liquid that can work with the majority of kits, tanks and coils. 50VG/50PG liquids hit the sweet spot of thickness and viscosity, to allow for superior adaptability to most vape devices.

Need a new vape kit to pair with your 50/50 e-liquid? Check out our collection of vape kits here. They're perfect for beginners. 

If you're looking at an e-liquid with a higher percentage of either PG or VG, your vape kit choice will be limited. To learn more about VG and PG and how it influences flavour, cloud, hit, and equipment, see our comprehensive guide here.

The Best 50/50 E Liquids

Deciding what's the best 50/50 e-liquid is a difficult one. Much of the decision is based on personal choice. However, we believe our flavours and creations are the best in the market. Here is a quick list of some of our popular 50/50 flavours:


Choosing a 50/50 e-liquid is where the fun begins! With such a wide range of flavours, don't be shy about choosing something a little obscure or different. However, if you're struggling and need more expert direction, check our full guide on e-liquid flavourings here.

What is Nicotine Strength Should You Choose For Your 50/50 E-Liquid?

Choosing the right level of nicotine in your vape can be a tricky decision. Nicotine is one of the main four ingredients in e-liquids, and the strength you pick will have an impact on the vape kits or tanks you use and the flavours you opt for.

50/50 e-liquids are made in a variety of strengths. The most common strengths available are 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg, with some brands going up to 20mg. Your choice of nicotine strength ultimately relies on your smoking history. Here's a quick rundown of how you should choose depending on your situation:

Non-smokers who have come into vaping will generally opt for a 0mg mix, or stick to lower nicotine. Nicotine can have a heady effect on vapers who are not used to it, so it's best to stay low if you're more of a social vaper.

If you're an experienced smoker, you can opt for a high-nicotine strength. However, if you're trying to quit smoking, the high strength might make the transition difficult.

If you want to read more about how to choose the nicotine strength of your 50/50 e-liquid, we have a helpful guide you can read here. It goes into greater detail if you're feeling stuck. 

What is the difference between 50/50 and 70/30 e-liquid?

While 50/50 e-liquids have an even ratio of PG and VG, 70/30 e-liquids contain 70% VG with 30% PG. 70/30 liquids are the choice for 'sub-ohm' vapers. Not all vapers want the intensity that the slightly thinner 50/50 e-liquids provide. Higher VG content allows for a smoother inhale and subtler flavour, with big clouding potential. If you vape for 'feel' rather than taste, you may prefer 70/30 liquids.

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