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Vapemate Classic Dessert Flavour Eliquids. All 100% made here in the UK - we never import our eliquid! A range of VG options available.

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Dessert Eliquid has more of a bready, bakery base and smooth in nature. Whether it is tiramisu or black forest gateau, the aroma from every bottle will remind you of gourmet bakery shop. Considering these are all dessert flavours, these ELiquids are generally sweeter than most but not too overwhelming. Flavours are mixed by professionals and balanced so every flavour is present.

Dessert ELiquid uses a ratio of PG and VG for the base and uses a special blend of flavouring to get the Dessert taste. Nicotine can be added into these ELiquids at varying levels. Some light smokers may want to take it easy and start off with 6mg or 12mg where some former pack a day or even two pack a day smokers may find 24mg or 30mg to be more of what they are looking for. When it comes to Dessert ELiquid, a very popular choice in the vaping community are the custards. The custards provide a very creamy and satisfying smooth vape. Be sure to check out the chocolate custard pie as well as the classic custard, you won’t regret it!  If you prefer a more bready undertone, you get from baked desserts be sure to take a look at the rhubarb crumble and blackberry crumble.  Remember to choose your PG and VG ratio wisely.

A higher VG content will give more vapour clouds, but the flavouring may be muted, whereas the PG will give the flavour and the throat hit you may be looking for, but the cloud production will definitely be weaker with less VG. When the bottle of ELiquid arrives, it may be good right out of the bottle or it may not, it may be a good idea to give it a few days to steep or cure properly before vaping it. Always use caution when you have pets or children in your home. Aside from some ELiquid elements (such as nicotine) being hazardous to children and pets. All Vapemate ELiquids come in a plastic bottles. Always use caution as there is concentrated nicotine in the bottles, but, above all else, enjoy your ELiquids and your smoke-free lifestyle.

If delicious deserts are your all day vape then Vapemate’s dessert range is perfect for you. There’s a trolley full of tasty pastries and tantalising tastes in this popular ejuice range. From Apple and Cinnamon to Very Vanilla there’s a desert here for every lover of desert juices.

And each one is a classic too.

Desserts are some of our bestselling flavours, perfect if you have a sweet tooth or want to indulge in your favourite flavour at any time of the day. There are more than twenty to choose from, and available in beginner to advanced blends. They also come in a range of nicotine blends – there really is something for everyone.

Endulge in a Vapemate dessert flavour today. You’ll be glad you did.

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