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Other Fruits

Vapemate Classic Fruit Flavour Eliquids. All 100% made here in the UK - we never import our eliquid! A range of VG options available.

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We created our Other Fruits section to give a home to those flavours that didn't quite fit the citrus fruit or tropical fruit categories. Where do you put Pinkman or Tac Tic Orange? They're both fruitilicious. And so the other fruits section houses brilliant flavours like these.

Carefully selected these fruits are perfect as an all-day-vape, or as sweet treats to be had once in a while. Keep one in your collection as a go-to ejuice for when you feel like something different.

Covering a full spectrum of VG and PG blends, there's also a variety of nicotine choices and something for all vapers, whether just starting out or those who are more advance and prefer dripping or sub-ohm vaping. Available now.

Fruit ELiquids are ELiquids based on fruits from your everyday variety or some of your more exotic and tropical fruits such as dragon fruit, mango, and lychee. These flavours are great for vapers who want more of a sweet inhale and exhale similar to many hookahs with various fruits mixed in with the tobacco, just without the taste of tobacco. Fruit ELiquids use a ratio of PG and VG in the base and use a special blend of flavouring to get the Fruit taste. Nicotine can be added into these E-Liquids at varying levels. Some light smokers may want to take it easy and start off with 6mg or 12mg where some former pack a day or even two pack a day smokers may find 24mg or 30mg to be more of what they are looking for.

The fruit flavours are actually some of the most popular for beginners and veterans alike. For those who are looking for more of a sweet candy flavour and don’t want to venture too outside of the box the wild strawberry is always popular. Maybe something a bit more dry instead of overly sweet the lemon and guava are a must try. If you can’t decide on which fruit to pick there’s always the rainbow fruit or even the citrus punch both of which are a medley of different flavours from various fruits combined into one ELiquid.

Remember to choose your PG and VG ratio wisely. A higher VG content will give more vapour clouds, but the flavouring may be muted, whereas the PG will give the flavour and the throat hit you may be looking for, but the cloud production will definitely be weaker with less VG. When the bottle of ELiquid arrives, it may be good right out of the bottle or it may not, it may be a good idea to give it a few days to steep or cure properly before vaping it. Always use caution when you have pets or children in your home. Aside from some ELiquid elements (such as nicotine) being hazardous to children and pets. All Vapemate ELiquids come in a plastic bottles. Always use caution as there is concentrated nicotine in the bottles, but, above all else, enjoy your ELiquids and your smoke-free lifestyle.

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