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Mint & Menthol

Cool Mint & Menthol eliquid from Vapemate. Discover one of the most popular flavour ranges in the Vapemate eliquid collection.

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menthol ejuice

It's the coolest of cool with our minty menthol range of premium eliquids. They're bestsellers too. Menthol has always been a popular vape flavour and if it's one of yours try something refreshing from our mint and menthol range. Seriously cool and seriously tasty, these amazing juices really grab your tastebuds.

Mint and Menthol Eliquids are very popular as most people who are looking to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes are looking for that minty and refreshing aftertaste in their throats from menthol cigarettes and are afraid that the juices aren’t as strong of a menthol and cool feeling. Mint and Menthol can actually be quite strong, very strong actually as the amount of menthol added can be easily controlled by our mixologists. Mint and Menthol uses a ratio of PG and VG as its base and uses a special blend of flavouring to get the Mint and Menthol taste. Nicotine can be added into these juices at varying levels. Some light smokers may want to take it easy and start off with 6mg or 12mg where some former pack a day or even two pack a day smokers may find 24mg or 30mg to be more of what they are looking for.

The beauty of menthol & mint flavours is it can be easily mixed in with other flavours besides your regular tobacco. If you like fruit flavours but prefer something with a mint aftertaste, there is Apple Ice, Cherry Ice, Strawberry Ice and many other fruit flavours that are mixed in with the refreshing taste of mint and menthol. Perhaps you prefer something creamier that sweet? There is the Mint Choc Chip, Crème de Menthe, and even Vanilla Ice flavours to satisfy your cravings. If you are looking for something to help clear out your sinuses on a cold winter morning or when you are feeling under the weather, be sure to try the Mentholyptus! Mentholyptus is by far the strongest menthol ELiquid made by Vapemate. If you are looking for a similar throat hit from menthol cigarettes, look no further as Mentholyptus is what you’re looking for and plus some.

Some mint and menthol flavourings will take longer to steep or cure than others. For the flavours with just mint and menthol, it may be good right out of the bottle, whereas the flavours with fruits and other creams may take longer to steep completely.

Take the effort out of ordering your favourite mint and menthol every month. Sign up to Vapemate’s Subscription service and get your favourite eliquids delivered right to your door every month. Choose from three, five or ten bottles from month then sit back and wait for the postman to arrive. Subscriptions available in Origins, Classic and Directors Cut eliquid ranges.

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