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Apple e-liquids are an incredibly popular flavour – and for good reason. Their crisp, refreshing taste is a great all-day vape. A fruit go-to, it’s perfect for adding to desserts, sweets, and other blended flavour combinations. While green emulates the sharper, tarter taste of a green apple, red is sweeter and more rounded like its real-life inspiration. Whichever you prefer, apple vape juice is a crisp and light vape.


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What Are the Best Apple E-Liquid Brands?

At Vapemate, we stock a variety of different Apple flavoured e-liquid brands that carry different flavour profiles and different themes. Below, we’ll explore each of these collections and how they might appeal to different tastes. From tangy, sour options to apple-pie inspired treats, we’re sure you’ll find an apple-based flavour you love.


We might be biased, but we think the Vapemate Classic e-liquid is pretty good. Coming in over 100 flavours, with 2 VG options and 5 nicotine strengths, our range gives you more choice and control than most other brands. Our apple-based e-liquids are popular and delicious. For the purists, we have the classic Apple flavour, with sweet and crunchy notes. There’s Apple Menthol for those who like to inject some extra freshness into their vape, and then warmer, spicier flavours such as Apple & Cinnamon which has a strong, comforting aftertaste. Lastly, we've got Apple Pie for those with a sweet tooth, which emulates everyone’s favourite homemade dessert with notes of cinnamon and buttery pastry. At Vapemate, we've got something for every apple lover.

From the Pantry

Power Sour collection packs a real punch with its sour flavour profile. With a variety of sour fruit flavours, that includes apple, if you like a sour hit, this brand is for you.The Sour Apple flavour is brimming with tangy, tart goodness. With notes of crisp green apple and a seriously sour taste, this is an e-liquid crammed full of flavour.

Is Apple Vape Liquid Safe?

We hear of lots of concerns regarding vaping, flavourings and whether they are safe or not. We understand, and it’s only natural to want to know that the product you’re inhaling is safe for use! The short answer is yes, of course, it is safe. All our products are TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) compliant. This means we follow all the rules and regulations enforced by the TPD to keep you safe, such as having a maximum nicotine strength of 20mg/ml, a consistent nicotine dose from devices, and our products are subject to testing by the MHRA. If you’d like to read more about this, you can do so here. We only offer TPD regulated, premium e-liquids made from high-quality ingredients. Our products do not contain any form of Diketone, this includes Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin, and our products are tested by the MHRA.

What Are the Best Apple E-Liquid Flavours?

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is a perfect flavour for dessert lovers who enjoy the sweet, mellow undertones of the buttery pastry, combined with the deep warmth of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and the sharp sweet tang of the apple. A gorgeous flavour for afternoons and evenings, specifically in the autumn and winter months, this tasty vape will have you feeling cosy and comforted.

Apple and Menthol

One of our most popular flavours, Apple and Menthol combines two well-known and widely enjoyed flavours and combines them to create a fruity, refreshing vape. With notes of English apples and cooling minty menthol, this is a perfect all day, everyday vape that is great for any occasion or season.

Apple and Cinnamon

Another softer flavour profile, Apple and Cinnamon has all the juicy, fruity, crisp flavour of apple and the soft, warm, comforting flavour of cinnamon. Similar to Apple Pie but without the pastry flavour, Apple and Cinnamon is perfect for those who want to add a little sweetness and softness to their vape.

Sour Apple

For those who really like an intense flavour, Sour Apple takes the usual tangy, tart taste of a crisp garden apple and accentuates it with a flavourful sour addition. These flavours are a true candy-apple flavour paired with notes of fizzy sherbet that create a sour sweet-style flavour in your vape.

Find Your Perfect Apple E-Liquid at Vapemate

While there are plenty of cheap vape e-liquid options out there on the internet, with Vapemate you can shop with peace of mind knowing that all our products are TPD approved, tested by the MHRA, and don’t have any hidden nasties in them.

Made with great quality products and taking no shortcuts, our Apple flavoured e-liquids are of the highest quality. We stock products that use the finest ingredients, making for a full, flavourful vape that is perfect for everyday use thanks to their subtle but unique flavour.

We stock a variety of flavour combinations including sweet and juicy apple pie, warming and comforting apple and cinnamon, tart and refreshing apple and menthol, and deliciously crisp sour apple. We not only stock apple e-liquids, but also apple flavoured shortfills for those who’d like to add a little flavour to their nicotine hit, including the classic Apple flavour for those who like to keep it simple, and Sour Apple if you’d prefer a bit of kick. The flavour combinations are endless!

At Vapemate, we ensure the E-Liquids we stock are 100% safe for use and don’t contain any known harmful substances, so you can have peace of mind while enjoying your vape.

If you’d like any more information on our apple e liquids, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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