Banana E Liquid

Banana e liquids are a versatile flavour that you'll find it in all sorts of eliquids in the vaperverse. Banana is not only a great stand-alone juice flavour but blends well with creams and pastry flavours giving you creamy bananas, banana pies and more. Banana vape juice is also a common base in more complex blends such as the Director's Cut Cog 2 premium blend e-liquid


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With vaping expanding into a vast market, customers are becoming more eager to find top quality vape juices. At Vapemate, we pride ourselves on producing the most superior quality e-liquids. With our premium ingredients and innovative flavours, you are sure to have an unmatched vaping experience. Among these incredible flavours is the banana e-liquid, and we have a selection of unbeatable banana vape juices.

Banana e-liquids

The vaperverse would not be complete without the unique and versatile flavour of the banana e-liquid. Banana is a flavour used in almost every form of edible product across the globe (desserts, drinks, sweets, etc), so why should this flavour not grace the vaping world also? Whether you're looking for a standalone banana vape juice or a delicious, blended mix, banana e-liquids can provide your taste buds with a light sweetness or creamy richness. If you too are enticed by this spectacular flavour, then Vapemate’s marvellous range of banana vape juices will surely satisfy your cravings. 

The best banana e-liquids

Within our outstanding collection of banana e-liquids, you'll find some of the most irresistible, mouth-watering, flavour-rich banana vape juices on the market. Whether you're looking for a classic plain banana flavour or something with a more sophisticated, creamy edge to it, our Vapemate selection of banana e-liquids will have the perfect vape juice for you. Here are just a few of our incredible flavours:


The Banana E-liquid. A well-deserved classic flavour. Vapemate has created a banana vape juice that produces an unmistakable banana flavour and delivers a smooth, creamy taste with every puff. You are sure to feel as if you are tasting waves of rich banana cream pouring out of your vape. The blended Banana E-liquid has a flavour that is rich, yet smooth and creamy, leaving an aftertaste of sweetness that lingers.

You won’t get any closer to the staple banana flavour in all its rich and creamy glory than this splendid Banana E-liquid. This plain banana vape juice is perfect for those who desire the classic sweet sensation of banana flavour without feeling the heaviness that often comes with typical dessert flavours.

Banana Cream

The Banana Cream E-liquid manages to hold an enormous burst of intense sweetness and a gigantic rush of luxurious cream – all in its 10ml bottle. If you are someone with an often dissatisfied sweet tooth, then the exquisite flavour of the Banana Cream vape juice is something you definitely have to try.

Prepare to be blown away by a creamy banana e-liquid that will send a surge of luscious sweetness coursing through your mouth and lungs with every puff. The pharmaceutical nicotine does not in any way compromise the insanely sweet aroma of this creamy banana vape juice. This Banana Cream e-liquid packs a seriously sweet punch, so it is perfect for those sweet, sugar craving mouths.

Banana Split

When it comes to delivering the greatest array of vibrantly delicious and explosive flavours in a single banana vape juice, the Banana Split E-liquid is king. Taste the rich banana flavours of the renowned banana split dessert with Vapemate’s wonderfully scrumptious creation.

There’s a reason that the banana split is the only dessert served in its own boat – it carries an army of amazing flavours. with the Banana Split E-liquid, you can experience all these flavours whenever you desire. Just take a puff and feel the smooth and creamy taste of banana split that is guaranteed to send you into a flavourful euphoria. This banana e-liquid is perfect for those who want an incredibly sweet, rich, and creamy dessert packed into one sensational 10ml bottle of vape juice.

Banana E-Liquid With Vapemate

If these unbelievably delicious flavours have sparked your interest, you ought to know why Vapemate is the essential place to purchase your banana e-liquids.

If quality is what you're after, it doesn’t get any better than Vapemate. Our e-liquids are concocted with the most premium quality pharmaceutical and food-grade ingredients. We are very precise with where we source our ingredients from, and that is why all our products are sourced 100% from UK and EU suppliers, guaranteeing the highest quality product.

All our vape liquids are 100% British produced – in our Blighty facility – and shipped directly to you with the highest level of care. When you draw in that first puff of your gorgeous banana vape juice, you can rest assured that every luscious flavour you taste is the outcome of premium quality production.

When we design our banana vape juices, we do it with solely you in mind. Our banana e-liquids are made to suit the needs and cravings of all our beloved customers. Our 10ml bottles full of delicious banana vape juice are all extremely easy to use and built to fit whatever lifestyle you choose. No matter what your daily routine may be, with Vapemate, you’ll never have to compromise volume or quality when adding vaping to your life.

Not only are our products designed to fit into your lifestyle, but they are also tailored to the strength of vape you desire to have. With our pharmaceutical grade nicotine and vegetable glycerin choices, you can decide the level of strength you want your banana e-liquid to produce.


You may be new to vaping and want a chance to experience it fully, flavour and all, without the strong kick of a high nicotine level. Or, you more experienced vapers might want to take our delicious banana vape juices head-on and feel the full force of flavour as it hits your throat. The choice is up to you; we just supply you with the means to find a satisfyingly perfect banana vape juice.


If you find yourself among many others who crave the premium quality and ingenious flavours of our banana e-liquids, then be sure to contact us right away. Our expert team will be in touch to answer any queries and get you started on your vaping journey.


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