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Discover sweet, dark and tart cherry flavours as stand alone eliquids or tasty additions to more complex blends. Cherries are renowned for their succulent flavour, and their beautiful appearance. Cherries can also be sweet or sour but they're absolutely bursting with flavours. Try our cherry ejuices in a range of blend options.


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Tart, sour and sweet all in one, cherry vaping liquid is an incredibly popular liquid vape option for a good reason. Do you love the idea of a cherry bakewell e liquid, or are you more into cherry menthol vape juice? Whatever your preference, there's a liquid flavour out there you'll love. Designed to mimic the succulent taste and unique tang of one of the world's favourite fruits, cherry e liquids offer the ideal vaping experience. Why not browse our range of cherry flavour vape juices online today? Read on to find out about all the different cherry options you might want to try for yourself:

Cherry Flavours

Sometimes you just can't beat a classic. Cherry is a staple flavour for e liquids, providing a tang that sweeter fruits can't offer, but there's more than one way to enjoy this signature flavour. There are thousands of different styles, types, and tastes of cherry e liquid on the market, so why wouldn't you push the boat out and experiment a little? Check out our guide to the top cherry vape juice flavours on the market today:

Black Cherry

If you're all about sweet flavours, you'll love black cherry. This vape juice is an excellent all-rounder and is a less tart and more flavourful alternative to traditional cherry. You get the distinct cherry flavour with none of the sour aftertastes. If you're looking for a mellow, sweet-inspired vaping experience, black cherry is well worth a try. With a similar taste to cherry-based sweets, black cherry is an excellent first choice for anyone looking to branch out with their e liquid flavours.

Cherry Pop

After something fizzy, tasty and unique? Then cherry cola e liquid might scratch that itch. A more complex flavour than your typical cherry, cherry pop mimics the taste of cola or cherryade to ramp up that nostalgia factor. Refreshing and sweet, fizzy cherry cola is a step beyond a fruit vape for those after something with a bit of added depth. If you're a big fan of other kinds of fizz-based vape juices, you'll love cherry pop just as much.

Cherry Menthol

You may think of menthol as having a simple minty-fresh taste, but when you combine that fresh throat hit with juicy cherry to form cherry menthol vape juice, you'll soon see the hype behind this tasty combo. Menthol alone is a top preference for advanced vapers, but if you're looking for something a little different, cherry adds another layer to create a balanced flavour that will tick all your boxes.

Cherry-Based Bakes

Do you have a real sweet tooth? Then a bake-inspired cherry flavour might be right up your street. From cherry bakewell e liquid to the classic cherry tart, there are plenty of delicious treats to try. If you're keen on vape juice with a huge depth of flavour, a bake is an ideal choice to add a little dimension to your experience, from sugared icing to butter pastry.

Best Cherry E Liquid Brands

Cherry is undoubtedly a popular choice for vape lovers. As such, it's no surprise that some of the best brands stock at least one cherry flavour in their line-up. If you're looking to try out cherry for the first time, we know all the best brands to start with. Or, if you're a cherry vape connoisseur, we might have a trick or two up our sleeve for you to test out. Here are a few of our favourites to get you started:

Vapemate Classic

Classic by name, classic by nature. The Vapemate Classic line is stocked full of the most popular options for vape liquid. Cherry is no exception. At such affordable price points, you can experience just about every cherry flavour under the sun. Do you want sweet cherry, cherry cola, or something sour? Vapemate has a little bit of everything.


As the name suggests, Powersour e liquids are all about providing your taste buds with an explosive experience. Their unique cherry flavour is no exception to that rule, providing the tangy sourness and unique sweetness that only dark cherry can deliver on. If you want flavour by the barrelful, Powersour is where it's at. You'll be blown away by this powerful flavour.

Soda Steam

Soda Steam focuses on the fizz when it comes to its unique flavour portfolio and cherry is no exception. Their tasty cherryade is equal parts sweet and sour with citrusy undertones and a refreshing cherry taste to make this a unique and delicate flavour choice. Soda Steam's brand is all about the refreshing nostalgia factor, and they are well worth taking a look at.

Cherry E Liquid With Vapemate

If you're after your cherry fix, Vapemate is the place to start. With a wide range of different, affordable, high-quality e liquids, we cater to many different tastes. If you're looking for cherry shortfill liquids or you prefer nicotine salts, we've got you covered. With a wide selection of different flavours, from baked goods to fruity cocktails, there's something in our online vape store for everyone. From low-cost 10ml short fill bottles to larger vape juice options designed to last, Vapemate has vape juice products to suit your needs. If you love the idea of cycling flavours or you prefer to stick to one, our range of vape liquids ticks all the boxes. Our collection is as diverse as our customer base, from cherry menthol vape juice to cherry bakewell e liquid. Want to know more about cherry e liquid or vape juice in general? Check out our definitive guide online now. Or, if you have any questions, our team are always happy to help. Get in touch to let us know.

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