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Tasting just like the real deal, Vapemate's Origins Banana flavour eliquid is super sweet and smooth.

988 988 Vapemate Origins

Tasting just like the real deal, Vapemate's Origins Banana flavour eliquid is super sweet and smooth.

Full Description

Ever wondered what it's like to vape a banana? Our banana-flavoured e liquid tastes so close to the real deal that you'll barely be able to tell the difference.

All Vapemate Origins eliquid contains 30% pharmaceutical grade VG

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Pack Contains

  • Plastic 10ml bottle filled with Vapemate Origins Banana E-Liquid
  • Child-proof and tamper-evident bottle with leak-free filling tip
  • PG/VG eliquid blend with premium Banana Eliquid flavourings
  • Pharmaceutical grade nicotine (strength to order)
  • Can be used with all types of refillable electronic cigarette or personal vaping devices (PVD)

Other Information

Our Vapemate Origins Banana E-Liquid is provided in plastic bottles with industry standard safety information and labels applied. Vapemate eliquid bottles comes with child-proof and tamper-evident caps and a small plastic nozzle for easy leak-free refilling of your tank or clearomiser. Our Vapemate Origins Banana E-Liquid is made here in the UK to our strict ISO9001 quality standards and shipped direct to you. We use the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients, sourced from the UK and EU and all of our ingredients conform to British and European safety standards.

Eliquid Guidance

All Vapemate eliquid is pre-steeped and every bottle is ready to vape as soon as you receive it. Store your e-liquid in a cool dry place and keep out of reach of children and pets.

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