User's Guide – Vapemate's Flare and Flare+ Starter Kits

The Vapemate Flare and Flare+ are our bestselling starter kits. With more power and a tank for e liquid, it's a great choice for a beginner kit and offers more versatility than a disposable cigarette.  The Flare Kit contains everything you need to start vaping right out of the box.

Flare Kit Inside

Remember: to start the Flare Kit push the button at least 5 times in rapid succession – or click rapidly until the button blinks white.

To turn it off push the button at least five times in rapid succession.

Flare works through a combination of inhaling and holding down the fire-button at the same time. The button will have a steady white light when the device is on and being used to vape.

Getting Started

Filling the Tank

  • When filling the tank you'll need to hold the Flare upside down
  • Unscrew the battery base
  • Unscrew the atomiser base (1)
  • Hold the clearomiser (tank) upside down and pour eliquid down the side (2) of the chamber taking care to avoid the central chamber (3)
  • Fill to just under the lip of the central hole. Do not fill past the lip of the central hole (4)
  • Screw on the atomiser base and turn upright
  • Leave for 2 minutes before screwing on battery base

Remember: It's important to always refill the tank and not allow the eliquid level to drop to low. Do not fill the central air-intake chimney with eliquid.

Vaping with the Flare Kit

  • Turn the device on by pressing the firing button five times in quick succession – the button will light up briefly
  • To vape:  hold down the firing button while inhaling
  • After use, turn the device off by pressing the firing button five times in quick succession

Remember you'll need to refill your clearomiser when it's empty. Unscrew the bottom and fill the tank with more eliquid.  The atomiser will eventually need to be replaced.  Simply unscrew and replace with a new one.

Atomiser Replacement

  • Remove the base and unscrew the atomiser from the base.
  • Replace with a new Vapemate atomiser.
  • Screw back in to place.

About the Flare Kit

The Flare features:

  • Short-circuit protection,
  • Ten-second auto-shutoff
  • Low-voltage protection to shut off the battery before it can fully discharge
  • The Flare Vape Kits are compatible with all standard 510 and eGo clearomisers

Charging the Flare Kit

Battery Charging

The Flare Kit is charged from a USB port, using the USB cable provided with the kit.  For safety reasons only the USB supplied should be used for charging.

The Flare Kit will be charged in three to six hours.  The charger light will be red during charging.  When it’s almost charged the light will blink red, and when fully charged the charging light will turn green.

For battery safety ecigarettes should not be charged overnight, and should not be left unattended while charging. 

Some Important Final Notes:

  • This product is not for use by anyone under the age of 18
  • Do not use the Flare Kit if it seems damaged
  • You should replace your atomiser every 14 days or when the flavour becomes impaired
  • Using multiple eliquids in one tank can alter the flavour.  The Flare+ Kit comes with a second clearomiser tank and battery pack
  • Don’t allow the eliquid level to drop too low
  • Do not fill the central air-intake chimney with eliquid
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