How Vapemate Subscriptions Work

subscriptions at Vapemate

Eliquid and Atomizer Coil Subscriptions from Vapemate

Whether it's Vapemate eliquid flavours or replacement coils for your device, you can get them delivered straight to your door without having to place an order. And by setting up a subscription you save 10% too.

Eliquid Subscriptions Made Easy

Ordering Made Easy

Get your favourite vape delivered as often as you choose with a subscription from Vapemate. It's easy to edit so you can have your eliquid your way, when you want it. There's no committment and you can easily add or remove products, and set-up or cancel a subscription.

Flexible Eliquid Subscriptions

Flexible Subscriptions

Your subscription your way. Easily edit your delivery details, add or remove a product and include eliquids from across the site in one simple subscription package.

Choose How Often You Want Your Subscription

Choose How Often You Want Your Subscription Delivered

When you set up your subscription you can choose whether you want your subscription weekly, monthly, every two weeks or every two months, whichever frequency suits you best. Just select your favourite frequency from the dropdown.

And you can choose whichever delivery method is the best for you. Need it sooner? Just upgrade your delivery dates in the subscription area.

Edit Your Subscription

Edit Your Subscription - Changing is Easy

You can easily change the eliquid in your subscription too. If you want to add a product simply click the 'Add to Existing Subscription' button on the relevant product page. If you want to remove a product just go into your subscription by logging into your account and hit the 'X' next to the product you wish to remove.

You can change delivery addresses, your delivery method or the date you want the next subscription delivered. It's really flexible.

You can edit a subscription at anytime, but if you want the change to be made before your next subscription is shipped be sure to allow 24 hours before the repeat date. Your card will be charged and the order sent on the same day.

Cancelling Your Eliquid Subscription

Cancelling Your Subscription

You can also cancel your subscription at any time. There's no cancellation fee and there's no minimum commitment - you can have a subscription for as long or as short as you require.

To edit your subscription log in to your account and edit your subscription preferences.

More Than One Subscription

You can have as many subscriptions as you want. We’ll deliver them to straight to your door.

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