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Quit Smoking App

Need some motivation to make the switch? The Vapemate app shows you the cigarettes you avoid & the money you save. Go smoke free today! No ash, no tar & no more nasty smells.

Quit Smoking App - How to Quit Smoking with the Vapemate App - UK Made | Vapemate

Quit Smoking App

The Vapemate app is a non-smoking timer and savings calculator showing you how long it has been since you started vaping/quit smoking and how much money you save when you switch!

The app keeps track of how much you have spent on vaping equipment and supplies compared to how much it was costing you to smoke each week. With these figures the app tracks how much you are are saving by vaping instead of smoking. It also tracks how many cigarettes you have avoided since you stopped smoking.

UPDATE: Now you can sync your data between all your devices!


Vapemate Quit Smoking iOS App



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Vapemate Quit Smoking Web App


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I saved thousands in the first year of quitting. The Vapemate app helps me track the money I save and I use it to post to Instagram and share my progress with my friends. I love using it and recommend it for anyone looking to make the switch to elctronic cigarettes.

Paul N, London

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