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Vape Mods & Kits

Ecigarette Mods, kits, tanks, coils, batteries and vaping devices. Everything you need to get started on your vaping journey and spares to keep you going!

Choosing the right hardware is important as things such as the correct tank and correct vape mods will affect how you experience your vape. If you choose a vape mod that doesn't have enough power to convert the eliquid to a vaper then you're stuck with huge inhales that will literally take your breath away. Conversely get one that converts it to a juice to readily and you'll burn through your juice in no time... and your coil.  And it'll be a poor experience.

Generally speaking higher VG eliquids are better placed in higher powered mods as VG is thicker.  The opposite is true with PG, which is thinnner and doesn't require so much power.  But your tank and coil set-up also effects your vape experience.  You'll want a tank with decent ventilation to help deliver the clouds you want. 

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