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Spares and accessories for your Vapemate kit. Batteries, USB chargers, car chargers and mains adapters. Refill tips & clearomisers for all Vapemate ecigarettes & vape kits. Tip: Change your atomiser regularly to get the best from your device.


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  1. Ecigarette Battery Carry Case
    Battery Carry Case
  2. COTN Threads Wicking Material 3
    COTN Threads 20 Pack
  3. Cotton Bacon V2
    Cotton Bacon V2
  4. USB Car Power Adapter
    USB Car Power Adapter
  5. USB Wall Socket Adapter
    USB Wall Socket Adapter
  6. Flare Vape Kit Carry Case
    Vape Kit Carry Case
  7. Vapemate Building Mat Blast
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £4.99
    Vapemate 'Blast' Building Mat
  8. Vapemate Building Mat Cracked
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £4.99
    Vapemate 'Cracked' Building Mat
  9. Vapemate Building Mat Vapour
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £4.99
    Vapemate 'Vapour' Building Mat
  10. Vapemate Building Mat Volcano
    Special Price £1.00 Regular Price £4.99
    Vapemate 'Volcano' Building Mat
  11. Youde UD Wire Box
    Youde UD Wire Box
  12. Coil Master DIY V3 Kit
    Coil Master DIY V3 Kit
    Out of stock
  13. Medium Vape Stand Pink
    Special Price £1.99 Regular Price £9.99
    Medium Vape Stand Pink
    Out of stock
  14. Vapemate Large Vape Stand

    Starting at £5.99

    Vapemate Large Vape Stand
    Out of stock
  15. Vapemate Medium Vape Stand

    Starting at £1.99

    Vapemate Medium Vape Stand
    Out of stock

18 Items

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The Flare clearomisers supplied by Vapemate hold roughly 1.7ml of E-Liquid and use a bottom coil atomiser head. The bottom coil clearomiser or BCC works via an air vacuum. The wicks saturate as you use your clearomiser, as the coils vaporise the e-liquid, the wicks automatically saturate with the eliquid from the tank. The atomiser heads are replaceable and come in a variety of resistances; depending on the vaper, some folks prefer a cooler or warmer vape. With a lower resistance atomiser head, the warmer the vape experience. The atomiser heads will eventually fail as time progresses. It really depends on the user on when the atomiser heads need to be replaced. If the user uses the electronic cigarette constantly, the atomiser heads will fail faster. Other factors that impact atomiser heads would be the ratio of PG/VG and the flavor of e-juice. With a higher VG level and a darker sweet flavors, the atomiser heads coils will “gunk” up quicker as the eliquid is thicker and subsequently cause the atomiser heads to fail. Using a higher PG level and avoiding sweeter e-liquids will make the atomiser heads last longer. Fortunately, Vapemate sells spare atomiser heads; it may be wise to pick up a few so that you aren’t without your electronic cigarette because your atomiser heads have failed on you! The Flare clearomiser uses an eGo style connection and will fit Vapemate’s Flare batteries as well as the Flare batteries from the starter kits. Refilling the clearomiser is as easy as unscrewing the bottom and filling the tank, just be careful to avoid the middle chamber (center rod) and to not overfill. Often many vapers purchase several clearomisers to store various eliquids so that they can change flavors quickly by just changing clearomisers. That way you aren’t stuck with the same flavor for the entirety of your tank!

The Vapemate Flare batteries are eGo style batteries that can take both 510 and eGo style connections. Vapemate’s Flare clearomisers were designed to fit flush and look very sleek. The Flare batteries are actually thin in nature; just a bit thicker than a writing pen and a tad bit shorter. They fit into your pocket or purses comfortably and very travel friendly. To turn on the batteries simply rapidly click on the firing button five times to turn it on and five clicks to turn it off. To charge the Flare batteries simply screw the connection on to the top of the battery (like you would the clearomiser) and plug it in with the wall adapter. You can charge the batteries via a USB port on the computer as well, but it could take longer as the output on the USB ports are weaker than a wall adapter. When you are out and about, it may be wise to have a carrying case. The carrying case by Vapemate is designed to carry spare batteries, juice, and spare coil heads and clearomisers. It is small and compact but can hold a weekend’s worth of vaping supplies! If you travel or commute quite a bit, you may want to pick up a USB car power adapter when you get a carrying case. The car power adapter allows you to charge your batteries in your car similar to a wall plug in. Be warned however never to leave any battery charging unattended. Although these chargers are all designed to charge your electronic cigarettes, it is much safer to keep a close eye on them in case of overcharging or overheating. Never leave your batteries under direct sunlight either, the results could be catastrophic.  

For those who prefer a much smaller setup than the eGo style batteries, there is always Vapemate’s Ozone batteries. These electronic cigarettes are designed to look and feel like a real cigarette. They are rechargeable via a USB screw on connection and use refill tips to store about 150 puffs. When the eliquid is gone, simply replace the tips, no need for messy bottles, just grab and go!

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