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Vape mods and box mods are the perfect options for any passionate vape enthusiast looking to up their vaping game. Vape box mod kits allow you to fully customise your vaping experience. Whatever your vaping preferences, we have a mod vape to match, just browse our range from top vape brands such as Innokin, Smok, VooPoo, and our own Vapemate. 


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If you’re looking to step up your vaping game with a new vape mod kit, you’ve come to the right place! We’re experts in our field, offering everything from vape starter kits to advanced box mods and the latest vape mods, to high-quality vape juice - perfect for the advanced vaper. We’ll go through some of the basics around good vape mods and box mods below. 

What are vape mods?

Vape Mods, also known as box mods, are complex vape devices that provide the power and control for your tank and coils. They can use a variety of vape tanks and are purchased separately to customise your vaping experience.

In other words:

If your standard vape pen is a Ford Fiesta then your box mod is your Ferrari: better performance, more powerful, looks great and goes like… erm, you get the idea.

If a standard vape device is no longer satisfying you – it may be time to switch to a new vape mod kit. This is because vape mods or box mod ecigs are typically reserved for the more advanced vaper. With these, you can modify your vape to suit your personal preferences.

From e-liquid flavour to nicotine strength to how harsh the throat hit is, with vape mods you can create your ultimate vaping experience.

What components do vaping mods include?

The best vape mods generally include a tank, coil, battery, and e-liquid. Let’s explore some of the benefits below…

Why choose a box mod or vape mod?

First and foremost, mods are designed to provide variety and an element of experimental fun for the experienced vaper. But what are the key benefits of opting for an e-cigarette mod?

Well, they offer:

  • A larger battery – therefore longer battery life.
  • Larger capacity – so longer lasting e-liquid.
  • Adaptable – want to create a sub-ohm vape device? You can do that with a box mod vape.
  • Adjustable – alter everything from the wattage and atomizer to the tank itself.
  • Heavy-duty – typically vape mods and box mods are much longer-lasting than typical vape pens.
  • Temperature control – regulate the temperature of your vaper for a more personalised experience.
  • Adjustable power - unsatisfied with your vape pod or traditional e-cig? Mod vape kits are a fantastic alternative providing a greater throat hit.

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Are vape mods safe?

All our mod kits are perfectly safe when used correctly. As they are more powerful than a standard vape kit, we do recommend only experienced vapers purchase them. To ensure you are using vaping mods safely make sure you read our box mod safety guide.  

How to ensure your box mod vape remains in top condition

Here are a few simple mod care tips you can follow:
  • Regularly clean each component of your mod kit – make sure you read the user manual when you purchase a box mod, it'll provide you with detailed cleaning information
  • Only use good quality batteries from well-known vape brands
  • Ensure your vape juice is topped up to avoid coil damage

Our vape mod range

At Vapemate we have the very best and latest vape mods on the market. From leading brands including Innokin to Smok, to VooPoo, to our own Vapemate technology. We're sure to have a kit to suit your vaping preferences and budget here. We also stock a variety of cool vaping mod colours so that you can find a design that you'll love! And remember, if you need help choosing, you can always contact us.  

If you want to know more detailed mod maintenance advice, safety advice, and help to find the best vape mod for you, check out:

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