Nicotine Free E-Liquid

Nicotine free eliquids are perfect if you enjoy the vaping experience but want to avoid nicotine. For many, it's the final step in quitting smoking for good. Check out the variety of nicotine free flavours below.


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What’s in nicotine-free E-liquid?

The main ingredient is 100% pure food grade vegetable glycerine. We generally blend our E-liquids to be 80% vegetable glycerine and 20% fabulous flavour. This produces a beautifully balanced vape that is the perfect combination of smoke and flavour.

Nicotine free e-liquid is just like our other e-liquid blends, but without the addictive qualities of nicotine, so it's ideal for anyone who’s stopped smoking cigarettes and is trying to reduce their dependency on nicotine, as well as people who want to enjoy vaping without getting addicted to nicotine.

Why choose nicotine-free E-liquid?

One of the greatest things about vapes is being able to create an experience with just the right level of nicotine strength. Our vapes are available in a range of strengths from 0 mg nicotine through to 18mg nicotine E-liquid, so you have complete flexibility over how much nicotine you use. For some people, this is an ideal way to combat nicotine addiction, while for others, choosing a nicotine-free E-liquid is simply a great way to vape without the risk of nicotine addiction.

Who is nicotine-free vape juice best suited to?

Nicotine free vape juice is the perfect choice for a great range of people. Perhaps you’ve never smoked, but like the idea of taking a few moments to relax and enjoy a bit of time out with a vape? Nicotine free vape juice is a great option for you. It means you get all the pleasure of vaping, but none of the toxins or risk of addiction to nicotine. You can mix and match flavours and choose a taste to suit your mood, without the worry of long term addiction.

If you’ve stopped smoking completely, or just want to cut down, then nicotine-free vape juice is the perfect solution. You can wean yourself away from nicotine, without losing the chance to grab a few moments to yourself to enjoy a smoke.

You can choose from a range of tobacco flavours too. We have a selection of fruity, sweet or simply creative tastes so your smoke break is as innovative as it is relaxing. Whichever camp you fall into, be it someone completely new to vaping or an old hand who wants to discover new flavours while reducing their nic consumption, vaping without nicotine is a great solution.

What is the best no nicotine vape juice?

Discovering the best no nicotine vape juice is a really personal thing. It’s super important to choose from a reputable supplier, and make sure you look for nicotine-free E-liquid that is made from food-grade ingredients. As well as making sure you’re choosing an E-liquid made from quality ingredients, you’ll need to find a flavour that works for you.

At Vapemate, we have a fab range of flavours and you’ll have a lot of fun finding out which is your favourite. Here's a few of our most popular nicotine-free e-liquid flavours:

  • - Cola Cubes e E-liquid: Head back to your childhood with the fab taste of Cola Cubes.r
  • - Lemon E-liquid: Zesty, zingy, and full of refreshing lemon.
  • - Origins Gold tobacco flavour E-liquid: Great for anyone seeking to make the leap from cigarettes.
  • - Beach Party: Get that holiday vibe whatever the weather. This is a great way to transport yourself to your favourite vacation spot.
  • - Origins Mentholyptus: Fresh mint meets eucalyptus in this refreshing nicotine-free E-liquid that’s easy to vape day and night.


Superb customer service and great quality guides

If you have any questions about our nicotine-free E-liquids, it’s easy to get in touch. You can call us on 01277 523205, drop us an email at, or even send a letter to Vapemate Limited, Unit 9, Childerditch Industrial Park, Brentwood, Essex CM13 3HD.

We’ve also put together a range of guides, including our 'Definitive guide to vape juice' and our guide to 'Vaping for beginners' which will help you make informed choices about which type of vaping is right for you.

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