Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

In your account, you’ll see a status message against your order number. You’ll also receive an email once your order is dispatched and depending on the delivery service you have selected your order can take between one and four working days from despatch. Orders placed after 3pm on a Friday will be processed the following Monday.

After particularly busy weekends and bank holidays some orders may take a little longer to despatch.

Courier Delivery orders placed before 3pm will be despatched the same day. Courier Delivery orders placed after 3pm will be despatched the next working day. You’ll also receive a tracking number for courier delivery.

Please email customer service if your order is urgent.

Why Is My Promo Code Not Working?

Some promo codes only offer discounts against certain products or ranges. Check to see that what’s in your basket matches the terms of the voucher, or that you have put in the characters of the code correctly (for example o and 0 (zero) can sometimes be confused). If it’s still not working then please get in touch

Can I use two voucher codes at the same time?

Only one voucher code can be used at a time but VIP and bulk buy discounts, and any reward points you have accumulated can still be used alongside promotional codes. Vouchers cannot be used against previous orders.

Why is my eliquid a different colour?

On occasion you might find eliquids of the same flavour have a slightly different colour from each other. It’s quite normal, and colour can be affected by things such as steeping time and nicotine content - nicotine will darken over time. When eliquid is exposed to air, light or temperature changes a change in colour can also occur. It does not affect the quality of the eliquid.

Has my eliquid been opened?

Your bottle of eliquid has a child-proof and tamper-proof cap. Our eliquid bottle lids are designed with safety in mind and you will need to be push the lid down and twist to open. When you open the bottle for the first time, the lid will make a slight snapping or cracking sound as the safety seal breaks.

The design of some bottle lids means that the claws holding the entire lid piece in place give the appearance of a bottle having been opened. On these bottles the safety seal is located higher up, out of sight inside the lid. The lid should still make a slight snapping or cracking noise on opening for the first time.

How Do I Return a Product?

Returns are easy. Just contact our customer services to get a returns number and we can then arrange the return for you. We’ll accept any unopened bottles of eliquid for exchange or refund. You have 14 days after receiving your order to let us know.

In the rare event that you’ve bought hardware that has developed a fault, or arrives faulty, please get in touch with our customer services who will issue you with a returns number and discuss the issue with you in more detail.

There’s more information on our Returns and Warranty page.

How Long Does Delivery Take?

We aim to despatch orders within 24 hours. Once your order has been despatched delivery times are approximately as follows:

Royal Mail

Royal Mail 48 Post Delivery usually 3-4 working days £1.99

Royal Mail 24 Post Delivery usually 2-3 working days £2.49

Courier Delivery

Next day delivery applies to orders placed before 3pm. Please note some remote area postcodes cannot be delivered next day. A full list of these can be found on our Shipping and Despatch page.

Courier Delivery (Mon-Fri) £4.99 Delivered next working day, tracked to your door.

Courier Delivery (Saturday) £6.99 Saturday delivery, tracked to your door

Courier Delivery (Sunday) £7.99 Sunday delivery, tracked to your door

  • UK orders over £10 will be shipped free of charge via Royal Mail 48 service when selecting the free shipping option at checkout.
  • UK orders over £75 will be shipped free of charge via Courier Delivery.

Worldwide Shipping

We ship worldwide for £9.99. Delivery times vary depending on location and you may be responsible for import taxes in certain countries. International orders can be tracked.

See our Shipping and Despatch page.

Can I Track My Order?

Orders sent by courier can be tracked and you’ll receive a tracking number via email once the order has been despatched. UK orders sent by Royal Mail cannot currently be tracked. International orders can be tracked.

Tracking number emails come from the courier company, but should you require your tracking details please get in touch with Vapemate customer services on who can give your tracking number and the contact details of your local courier depot.

Do You Ship at Weekends/Bank Holidays?

We always aim to get orders out as quickly as possible. Vapemate does not currently process or ship orders on a Saturday, Sunday or bank holiday.

If you order after 3pm on a Friday your order will be not be despatched until the following working day, or later depending on the service you have selected.

Why Was My Payment Declined?

We don’t hold any card details and don’t have any details as to why a payment might be declined.

If your basket contains CBD eliquid this can only be processed through the Truevo payment system. Please select this at checkout.

What’s In Vapemate Eliquids?

Vapemate eliquids contain propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavourings and nicotine (except in 0mg or nicotine free blends).

How much of each depends on the blend you choose, for example a 70VG blend will contain 70% VG with the remaining 30% being a blend of PG, flavouring and nicotine, if you’ve selected a blend that contains nicotine.

Will CBD affect my Medication?

CBD has the potential to interfere with certain medications as it effects the way that the P450 enzyme metabolises many medications. If you’re on medication, you should consult your doctor to see if it is safe for you to supplement your medicines with CBD. If your medicine uses the P450 system, it may be affected by CBD. All decisions regarding medication should be an informed choice.

Drugs that may be affected by CBD include: steroids, antihistamines, HIV antivirals, antibiotics, anaesthetics, antidepressants, beta blockers, anti-epileptics, and antipsychotics.

How Long Should a Coil Last?

How long a coil lasts is dependent on the type of juice you use, how frequently you vape and the power settings on your device. Using a higher power will burn through a coil faster than a lower power.

Very generally speaking a coil should last a week - but light vapers might find a coil lasts two weeks. Taste is key too. If your juice tastes burnt or becomes flavourless then it is likely your coil needs changing.

Which Tank Goes With my Device?

Vapemate stocks a range of tanks and most manufacturers have a recommended tank for a device. If you buy a vape kit the tank will come as part of it. If you need a replacement the kit packaging will list which tank came with the kit. Or you can check the product on the vapemate website and see which tank comes with a particular kit..

If you decide to change your tank most tanks and mods come with a 510 thread. Where a tank and mod both have a 510 thread they will fit together. But check the power info on your device and make sure the atomiser in your chosen tank is suitable for the wattage of your device.

Do You Offer Samples?

If you want to try a new eliquid flavour Vapemate offers sample packs in its Origins, Classic and Directors Cut ranges. Choose 5 x 10ml bottles from your favourite range and enjoy new flavours. It’s less expensive than buying 5 bottles individually too.

DIY Eliquid - How Do I Blend My Own Juice?

Our DIY section has everything you need to blend your own eliquid. You’ll find bottles, concentrates and mixing kits along with PG and VG.

Essentially you can make your own flavour and strength by adding the desired amounts of PG, VG and flavouring and mixing it all together. You’ll also need to know if the nicotine and concentrates are in a VG or PG base (Vapemate nicotine shots are a VG base, Vapemate concentrates are a PG base).

Start by deciding on which blend you require, ie, 70VG in 6mg, then use Vapemate’s calculator to help you add the correct amounts.

For example 10ml of a 70VG, 6mg blend with 15% flavour would look like this:

You then add the amounts as per the ‘MIXTURE’ results... and leave it to steep for a while before vaping.

And you’re not limited to 10ml. If you wanted to increase the volume of liquid just change the desired volume in the calculator.

You can read more on our DIY calculator page.

Why has Vapemate Appeared on my Credit Check?

When you set up your account we carry out a soft credit check to verify you are over 18. This is a legal requirement as you must be over 18 to vape. It has no effect on your credit rating.

I’ve Read About Popcorn Lung. Do Your Eliquids Contain Diacetyl?

Popcorn lung is the popular term for the harmful effects of breathing in diacetyl, first linked to production in a popcorn factory ten years ago. None of our eliquids contain any form of Diketone, this includes Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl and Acetoin. All our eliquids are fully tested and are approved by the MHRA, the government agency responsible for the regulation of eliquids. You can see a list of approved manufacturers on their website - Vapemate is under its parent company Eos Leisure.

I would like to change/amend my order?

No problem. As long as it’s not been despatched we can amend your order. Please get in touch with customer services on to arrange this. If your order has been sent and you wish to change it we’ll give you a returns number so you can send it back straight away.

What is the difference between “mouth to lung” and “direct to lung” vaping?

With Mouth to Lung vaping, you draw the vapor into your mouth before finally pulling down into your lungs. It’s the same technique as smoking a cigarette.

Direct to Lung means inhaling the vapour straight into your lungs - just like breathing normally. Those new to vaping, used to smoking cigarettes, might find this different technique uncomfortable at first.

Generally speaking MTL offers big flavours and less cloud, while DTL offers big clouds the flavour may be less intense that the MTL technique. The eliquid type and your personal preferences will produce different results too.

Read our blog piece on Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping techniques here.

I’m Allergic to PG. Does Your Eliquid Contain PG?

All our eliquids have some PG in them as this is the flavour concentrate base. The amount depends on the exact blend you have chosen. The exception is nic shots which have VG as the base (i.e the nicotine is held in VG). Our Directors Cut range currently has the lowest volume of PG - less than 20%.

I Want to Give Up Smoking. What is the Best Device?

The starter kits section has a range of kits suited to new vapers, and popular among these are the SKE Crystal Plus Pod Kit or the Innokin Klypse Pod Kit. These are great starter kit devices which use “mouth to lung “style vaping (similar to a cigarette).

Nic Salts are also an ideal first choice if you’re looking to replicate the sensation of smoking. Nic Salts deliver nicotine faster than standard e-liquid, much closer replicating the sensation of smoking - an important element for people making the switch. Again use a lower-powered device.

Some pod systems are great for starters - they’re simple to use and compact. But be sure to choose a low-powered set-up and stay away from anything that’s sub-ohm (a device with a coil resistance less than 1.0, for example 0.5 ohm is below 1.0 and in vape terminology classed as sub-ohm).

For these kits, use a low VG blend. So choose any from our Origins range (30VG) or 50VG Classic Range. New vapers tend to use higher nicotine strengths in low VG blends. But you’ll soon find your ideal blend. A sample pack is a good way to experiment.