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Eliquid, Electronic Cigarettes, Vape Kits, Spares & Accessories

  • More than 250 flavours of eliquid
  • Directors Cut Premium Eliquid
  • More than 250 flavours of eliquid
  • Starter kit and ecigarette kits
New Products
  • Cool Fire IV TC 100W Mod
    The Cool Fire IV TC 100W is powered by the ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset and packs 100W of pure power with ClearWave noise cancellation technology. Curved to fit perfectly into your hand, with an ergonomically placed power button, the Cool Fire IV TC 100W is a pleasure to use.

    Cool Fire IV TC 100W Mod

    Starting at: £54.99

  • Endura T22 Vape Mod Starter Kit - UK Supplier
    The Cool Fire IV TC 100W is powered by the ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset and packs 100W of pure power with ClearWave noise cancellation technology. Curved to fit perfectly into your hand, with an ergonomically placed power button, the Cool Fire IV TC 100W is a pleasure to use.

    Endura T22 Starter Kit

    Starting at: £29.99

  • RY6 Tobacco Eliquid
    Vapemate's RY6 Tobacco Eliquid has a rich and rounded smokey tobacco flavour with subtle vanilla and caramel undertones. This produces big smokey clouds with a high VG option and is destined to become a favourite.

    RY6 Tobacco Eliquid

  • Plain Crumble Eliquid
    All the crumble with none of the fruit! Our Plain Crumble Eliquid is something a little different and has a sweet cake-style flavour that trips lightly on the tongue.

    Plain Crumble Eliquid

  • Earl Grey & Whisky Eliquid
    Remember that old Aunt who used to stagger about a bit at family get-togethers after a few "medcinal" sherrys? This is what she used to drink for breakfast. Our Earl Grey & Whisky Eliquid is something a little different and delivers an amazing if not interesting flavour.

    Earl Grey & Whisky Eliquid

  • Jelly Babies Eliquid
    Vapemate's Jelly Babies Eliquid is fruity and not just another fruit combo! It really does taste like jelly babies and you need some in your tank!

    Jelly Babies Eliquid


The UK's No.1 for Eliquid and Vape Supplies

The world's most customisable eliquid

Here at Vapemate we pride ourselves on the biggest and most customisable eliquid selection anywhere on earth!

  • 100% British Made Eliquid - All produced right here at our facility in the UK - never imported.
  • More than 250 Flavours - Possibly the widest selection of flavours on the planet! just sayin'
  • 9 Nicotine Options - We've got 0mg to 30mg available in-store, so now there's even more choice!
  • 4 PG/VG Blends - More vapour? More throat hit? Dripping? Whatever you want, we've got you covered.
More than 35,000 options available in-store. So what are you waiting for? SHOP FOR ELIQUID
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About Eliquid

What is it?

All electronic cigarettes and vaping devices, whether using pre-filled cartomizers or a tank system, use eliquid to produce vapour. Eliquid is a simple solution that contains the following 4 ingredients: Nicotine, Flavouring, Propelyne Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine. These are blended (according to preference) and atomised in your device to produce vapour...

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  • Nicotine - Tobacco plant


    The addictive bit

    A stimulant that appears to enhance memory and concentration...

  • Vegetable glycerine VG

    Vegetable Glycerine


    A colourless, viscous  liquid, widely used in pharmaceutical formulations...

  • Propylene glycol PG

    Propylene Glycol


    liquid used as a preservative in food and for e-tobacco products...

  • Flavouring for eliquid


    To your taste

    Used to create blends to tickle your tastebuds!

Vaping & Electronic Cigarettes

What are they?

Electronic cigarettes are hugely popular with smokers looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. They give you a sensation similar to smoking along with a realistic, satisfying smoke effect. They do not create any actual smoke like tobacco and produce no particulates or nasty chemicals. Instead, when using an e-cigarette you inhale a vapour containing nicotine and flavouring. This is known as vaping...

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Types of ecigarette

  • Standard 510 electronic cigarette



    Perfect for anyone looking to make the switch from smoking to electronic cigarettes...

  • eGo style electronic cigarette

    eGo / EVOD


    A step up from basic cigalikes. A range of liquid and tank options available...

  • Vaping mods



    Full control including voltage and wattage. Hundreds of available accessories and eliquid options...

What blend of Eliquid is right for me?
Cigarettes Per Day
Nicotine Strength: 12mg
Mix Ratio: 30%

Vapemate eliquid is 100% made right here in the UK. We never import our eliquid.

Vapemate eliquid is manufactured from premium ingredients produced in the UK and EU. With more than 200 flavours of eliquid in stock, each bottle customisable with 5 PG/VG options, 6 nicotine strengths and even an extra flavor shot option, it's possible we offer the widest range of eliquid on the planet!

Don’t compromise when it comes to your eliquid, buy the best – buy Vapemate.

free shipping on all orders over £30
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