Age Verification

According to current UK legislation, only people who are over the age of 18 can buy E-cigarettes. We must now confirm the age of any customers wanting to purchase our items as a result of a law passed on May 20th 2017.

We are authorised to use any personal information, provided by you, to carry out and conduct relevant age verification checks.

We use 1account as our trusted advisor for age verification. Where you have asked us to provide an age-restricted product or service, you consent to allow us to share your information with, and collect information from, One Account Mobile Limited (1account) and third-party providers of identity data to 1account. This consent is necessary for 1account to verify that you meet the minimum age and identity verification requirements as determined by relevant UK age restriction legislation. You consent to allow 1account to retain relevant data for the purpose of future verification.

All data handled by 1account is subject to adequate security precautions. To verify that data isn't kept longer than necessary, 1account conducts periodic reviews of the data it retains. Visit their website ( for more information about One Account Mobile Limited and how they manage your personal information.)

You agree to your data being utilised in this manner by accepting 1account's terms and conditions. 1account aims to perform as few checks as possible and will do so only if it is unable at first to verify your age.

Occasionally, the age verification examination may fail or be referred. In these cases, we'll ask for passport or driving license information from you so that they can manually check your details against the relevant database. If you do not wish to share this information with us, we will be able to cancel and refund your order.

If you're having trouble checking your information using the instructions we emailed to you, use the steps below to double-check it;

* You should have received an email from 1Account, which contains a link to confirm your information. Please look in your spam folder if you do not see an email from 1Account.

* You'll be required to verify your information in a variety of ways, including by phone, credit card, debit card, UK driving licence, citizencard, national DB or electoral roll.

* The fastest method to confirm your purchase is to input your mobile phone number; alternatively, please provide the requested information when prompted, for whichever option is chosen.

* After you've completed verification, your order will be submitted and sent. You will not need to verify your information again if you place another order as long as you log into your account as usual and any changes to your profile are valid.

*Please note that if for any reason you fail the age verification check, there is a strong possibility that the delivery of your order will be delayed. If this occurs, please contact customer services immediately on 01277 523205 or email us at