Say hello to Vaping and goodbye to skin problems with Vapemate

Jun 12, 2023

Say hello to Vaping and goodbye to skin problems with Vapemate

 Smoking and your skin


The Smoking Effects on Skin

Sure, we all know that smoking has negative health effects. But the ones that are most striking to us are the ones we can see - and smoking’s effects on your skin are extremely damaging.


Smoking accelerates skin ageing


Smoking results in more premature facial ageing than sun exposure and can give skin a sallow grey tone even in younger adults. Younger adults with acne will also notice that acne scars heal less quickly than they did when they started smoking. In older adults, smoking will start to form premature crow’s feet wrinkles around the eyes, and “smoker’s lines”, which are vertical lines around the mouth. Light wrinkles can be treated at a dermatologist to a certain degree, and deeper wrinkles are permanent. Since the skin on the face is thinner than the skin on the rest of your body, the effects of smoking will show more quickly there - and smoker's look 1.4 years older than non-smokers on average.


Smoking sucks collagen out of your skin


Collagen is the component of skin which makes it appear youthful. Smoking depletes your skin’s collagen supply by interfering with your skin’s ability to make collagen or collagen synthesis. Smoking also depletes Vitamin C, which is an essential building block of the collagen synthesis process. A lack of collagen is part of what leads to the premature ageing of the skin, and the sallow complexion.


Reduced blood flow means more facial skin issues


Smoking reduces the oxygen level in your blood through exposure to carbon monoxide, which drains the colour from your face, adding to the effects of reduced collagen. Nicotine, which you can reduce the level of over time with vaping, also marginally reduces blood flow - so the sooner you can ramp down the better, although it's the other chemicals in cigarettes which are responsible for the most harm to your skin.


Smoking and skin conditions


If you have psoriasis, eczema, or any other skin condition which reacts to chemical irritants, quitting smoking is your best chance of improving your condition. Smoking also significantly increases the risk of developing psoriasis.


Getting your skin back to normal


Vapour from vaping has no effect on the skin. It only contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, both of which are popular, safe ingredients in skin creams, cleansers and other products. If you are under 35 and wrinkles haven't started to set in, your skin's collagen rebuilding process will begin almost immediately and your complexion should markedly improve within months. If you suffer from a skin condition, you will notice improvements within weeks of quitting, as the harmful irritants aren’t exacerbating your condition. If you are over 35 and have smoked for a while, it may be worth a visit to a dermatologist’s office to consult a professional about additional measures you can take to reverse damage from smoking. Find out more about what you can do to help your skin recover.


Essentially, unless you've smoked for a very long time and are over 35, your skin can recover from the damaging effects of smoking, even if you vape. Make the switch to e liquid today - your skin and your looks will be much better as a result!  

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