How Vaping is the Best Anti-Ageing Move You Can Make

Jun 12, 2023

How Vaping is the Best Anti-Ageing Move You Can Make

Does Vaping Cause Wrinkles?

Let’s face it, most of us start smoking when we’re young and don't really consider the larger risks to our health from lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, and other major illnesses. However, smoking can have both immediate and long-term effects on your skin and how your face and body looks - and all of it is bad.


Does Nicotine Cause Wrinkles? Smokers give up a healthy glow


Smoking decreases red blood cells, which are responsible for many things in our body but can also affect the texture of the skin. This is what leads to the sallow, pale skin that you’ll see in a heavy smoker. It can also lead to uneven pigmentation. But there's hope - from the time you stop smoking, it only takes about a month for your red blood cell count to increase again.


Smoking causes premature wrinkles


According to the Mayo Clinic website, smoking causes premature wrinkles. Early skin damage isn’t easily detectable, and may just present as drier, less plump-looking skin. However, the longer you smoke, the more likely you are to develop permanent wrinkles from which there is no return.


The chemicals in cigarettes damage collagen and elastin, both of which are required to keep skin supple and firm. Without it, your skin starts to sag and wrinkles begin to form. Collagen depletion can also lead to joint pain, since collagen is a major building block in connective tissues.


Ramping down the nicotine content in your e-liquid is also recommended to avoid aging effects on your skin - nicotine can impair blood flow to the skin, which compounds the damage from collagen depletion and makes skin look sallow.


It’s not just your face - saggy arms and chests


The lack of collagen will show up in other areas - most notably skin on your arms and, in women, the breasts. Researchers have actually pinpointed smoking as a top cause of sagging breasts, which is quite difficult to come back from.


Smokers twice as likely to lose teeth


Of course, your face is nothing without your smile - and your smile isn’t going to be in top shape if you’re missing some pearly whites. Smoking leads to gum disease which, in turn, can increase your chances of losing teeth.


Rehabilitating your skin from the effects of smoking


Vapers generally vape for one reason - to quit smoking. Which means that you probably have begun noticing some of the above effects. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix, and expensive creams, vitamins and exercise can only do so much to help your skin bounce back. The one thing you can’t really prevent as a vaper is the long-term formation of lines around your lips from inhalation, but at least you won’t have harmful cigarette smoke on your face which can make them much worse.


The dermatologist in this article advocates laser treatments, which can be expensive but which can help to increase collagen production and remove top layers of skin damaged from smoking. Plus, it’s another reason not to take up smoking again - you’d be throwing away an investment. If you can’t afford them, avoiding a large intake of alcohol and sun exposure, as well as getting regular exercise, will help to rehab your skin. But all is not lost - quitting alone improves your blood flow and circulation, which will help your skin begin to repair itself.

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