Would You Try These Unusual E-Liquid Flavours?

Jun 12, 2023

Would You Try These Unusual E-Liquid Flavours?

Some of the most unusual vape flavours we've found!

There used to be a bar in a ski resort in the French Alps (it shall remain nameless) that crafted their own range of flavoured vodkas. The entire back wall of the bar was dedicated to shelves upon shelves of the most obscure home mixed vodka flavours imaginable.

The bottles were arranged according to popularity, and whilst you might think that the Gummy Bear Vodka or the Mars Bar Vodka would be at the front of the pack, you’d be mistaken.

You see, when offered the choice of novelty flavour alcohol like Garlic Vodka, Scotch Bonnet Vodka or Curry Vodka, we consumers tend to get distracted by the weird and wonderful. Much to our chagrin the following morning.

And the same is true of e-liquids.

There are vapers out there, much braver than us, who have forgone the likes of Brazilian Coffee or Peach, in favour of puffing on novelty mixes like:

  • Butter - This one is sold as ‘tastes surprisingly good’. Not sure about you, but chowing down on a pat of butter is about as appealing as chowing down on my dog’s food. Slathered on hot toast is one thing, straight off the knife on its own, quite another. More to the point, why on earth anyone would want to inhale the cloying flavour of butter is beyond me.
  • Dill Pickle - One for the pregnant ladies amongst you, perhaps? Perhaps not.

Thoughts on vaping these (or any like them) would be: if you were growing bored of the wide array of desserts, fizzy drinks and other sweet treat flavours that are available (and plentiful), and these novelty flavours looked tempting, might we suggest taking a long hard look at yourself in the mirror, and perhaps questioning the life choices you have made that got you to this point. Just an idea.

So for us here at Vapemate, we are pleased to say that we have embraced the unusual flavour challenge, without breaking any rules on social decency... also, we are super proud to proclaim that all of our e-liquids are 100% made in Britain.

With that in mind, our crafty UK based e-liquid creators, the e-cigarette extraordinaires, have set their sights on pushing the boundaries of acceptable taste all the while producing flavours that you, the discerning vaper, actually want to vape.

As such, we have created a menu of 150 regular, gourmet and stupendously exceptional e-liquids. All for your vaping pleasure.

The Vapemate back catalogue of 150 different e-liquids are divided into a variety of categories including Vapemate Origins, Classics and The Director’s Cut. Not forgetting From The Pantry and our newest range of drinks, the Soda Stream.

So what have we come up with that could be construed as unusual? And more importantly, would you try them?

  1. Absinthe - a questionable choice at the best of times: this liquor is so intoxicating it’s been known to erase multiple days, leaving the partaker coming-to somewhere in Hackney, with a vague recollection of a fairy and running through the streets with someone else’s pants on your head, crying at the injustice of having to wear clothes.
  2. Black Jack - the marmite of the sweet world. Love it or hate it, our recreation of this childhood sweet won’t stain your tongue, but it will delight your senses, if that’s what you’re into.
  3. Parma Violet - for the perverts amongst you who think this is acceptable in hard candy form. Enjoy the floral notes of this potent e-liquid with a side order of scathing looks. Really? Parma Violets? What is wrong with you.

Our question to you - if you could create any flavour, what would it be? And why don’t you have a go...

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