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Vape coils, also known as atomiser heads, are a vital component of your vape. When this needs replaicing, we have a range of coils to fit our vape kits, so when your coil needs replacing, you know you can find one to fit in our range.


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Atomisers are essentially vape coils encased in a metal shell with wicking material to bring e-liquid into contact with the coil itself. Atomiser heads come in all shapes, sizes, and resistances; stainless steel, kanthal, nickel, or even titanium. They are available in low resistance for sub-ohm vaping and high resistance for mouth to lung atomisers.

Vape coils are the part of an electronic cigarette that heats e-juice to create vapour. The coil is a heating element wrapped around some kind of metal filament, which heats up when electricity passes through it.

For all you cloud chasers who like to show off your super cool vape tricks, sub-ohm tanks are the way to go! Of course, there are standard e-cig atomizers too! We carry several different types of atomizers for sale at Vapemate.

Types of Vape Coils

There are a few selections of different types of vape coils such as mesh coils, ceramic coils, and cotton wick coils.

What are vape mesh coils?

Mesh vape coils have a larger surface area for the liquid to be absorbed into the coil itself. They also heat up quicker than standard coils due to their increased surface area. Mesh vape coils heat incredibly quickly producing vast amounts of vapour in a short space of time! These coils are extremely popular with high-powered devices.

What are vape ceramic coils?

Ceramic coils are unique because they have an extremely long lifespan. The only downside with them is that they take a bit longer to heat up so if you are after speed, mesh coils might be the better choice for you! Ceramic elements also produce the smoothest vape.

What are cotton wick coils?

Cotton wick coils are perfect for mouth-to-lung vaping, which is when you inhale vapour into your mouth first before inhaling it into your lungs. These coils are wrapped with organic cotton rather than silica or some other synthetic wicking material, giving them a pure taste. They also have a much better flavour than mesh & ceramic coils.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

All atomisers will "burn out" eventually, some faster than others depending on what you put them through, plus the quality of the coils themselves, but generally, you can expect anywhere from 2-6 weeks depending on usage. The more frequently you vape, the shorter time you will get out of your coils. Cheap or poorly made atomisers will last a lot less than the high-quality products that we sell here at Vapemate! We recommend changing your atomiser heads at least once a week to maintain the best flavour and vapour production.

What Are The Best Vape Coils?

Again, that depends on the type of vaping you want to do! There is no one coil best suited for everyone. If you are after clouds, then mesh coils will be the way to go. If great flavour and long life are what you are looking for, then ceramic or cotton wick coils may be the option for you. If you are a beginner at vaping, we would always recommend starting with standard atomizers!

What Coil Resistance Do I Need?

Choosing the right resistance is important for getting the best vaping experience; too high and you may get a burnt taste, too low and it won't provide enough vapour production. The ideal range should be between 0.6-1.0 Ohms for a standard vape pen or e-cig device. If you are sub-ohm vaping, we'd recommend anything between 0.4-0.8 Ohms for great results!

How To Clean Vape Coils?

Cleaning your vape coils is an important part of the process to keep them at their best and ensure they last as long as possible. All you need to do is detach the coil from the atomiser, rinse with warm water and leave to dry. Once they're completely dry, screw them back into your tank and enjoy!

If you have a rebuildable atomiser, you can also build new coils to replace the old ones when they wear out!

Simply unscrew the top cap and get rid of the old, dirty coils. If you have an RDA or RTA atomizer, you can simply remove the old coils from the deck using tweezers and attach new ones in their place. It's that easy!

Please note that you should always check to ensure that your coils are screwed in tight before vaping, plus never leave the top cap off when it's not attached to the tank!

What Are Rebuildable Atomisers?

Rebuildable atomisers (RBA's) are vape tanks that allow you to build your coils. They have a deck where you can attach your coil and wick, meaning that there is no need to buy pre-made atomiser heads. This gives you more scope for customising your vape experience!

There are two types of RBA; rebuildable tank atomisers (RTAs) and rebuildable dripping atomisers (RDAs). The main difference between the two is that an RTA has a tank to hold liquid, whereas with an RDA you need to drip liquid onto the coils as you vape.

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