DIY Blending Your Own

Recipes: The Art of Blending Your Own Eliquids

There’s a variety of reasons why people blend their own eliquid recipes – for some, it’s cheaper, for others it’s about getting the mix just right.  But it’s big and there are entire websites dedicated to DIY eliquid recipes, that come from the obsession of creating a great new blend.

And the possibilities for uniqueness are infinite.  You could create a blend as a gift, or enjoy the adventure of creating your own.  Tiger Blood Boil, Diablo’s Goblin and Holy Melon Balls are just some of the thousands of flavours found online that have been created by vape alchemists. 

When you first approach DIY e liquid it can seem daunting. There are many things to consider; nicotine ratio, getting the right PG and VG mix and of course that all-important taste.

But DIY e juice recipes are not so different from pre-mixed eliquids.  Think back to your early days of vaping.  Some flavours you liked, some you didn’t.  And you had to experiment a bit to get the right combinations of nicotine and e liquid flavour concentrates and vapour.

For DIY crafting the basic ingredients are the same for all e juice:





Nicotine (if you use it)


DIY Eliquid Recipes - A Look at the Blend

At Vapemate our nicotine currently comes in 18mg strength bottles.

Previously laws allowed larger strengths of nicotine, but a dose of 72mg Nicotine on its own is highly dangerous, so remember this is sold only to be diluted to an acceptable level.  As this strength is no longer available under EU laws, if you are able to get some be sure to dilute it properly.

Our nicotine also comes in either a PG or VG base.

Some people prefer to use the VG nicotine base if their desired mix is heavier in VG,  some prefer to use a PG base if the recipe is heavier in PG.  Some say it doesn’t make a difference. Others say there is taste difference between the two.  It’s a matter of personal perspective.

Making a Simple, One Flavour, Recipe

By far the easiest way to arrive at the correct quantities is to use an online eliquid calculator. 

You also need to make sure that your measuring devices can accurately measure the volumes, particularly for the smaller quantities of e liquid concentrates and nicotine.

You should wear gloves, but if you do spill nicotine on your skin wash it off straight away because your skin will absorb it.

For this 10ml strawberry eliquid recipe we want to achieve the following:


- 50/50 VG/PG blend
- final nicotine strength of 6mg
- the nicotine base is seventy-two PG
- 15% flavour

Flavour is a personal choice but when you start out aim for 15% - 20%.

When you put the above through an e liquid calculator your finished strawberry eliquid recipe looks like this:




Ingredient ml Percentage
PG 2.7ml 27%
VG 5ml 50%
Nicotine 0.8ml 8%
Strawberry Flavour 1.5ml 15%
Total 10ml 100%


Now you measure the parts and mix together.


Making a Two Flavour Recipe


For this 10ml kiwi and lime recipe we have changed the VG/PG ratio to 70/30.

- 70/30 VG/PG blend
- final nicotine strength of 6mg
- the nicotine base is seventy-two VG
- 20% flavour (2 x 10%)

When you put the above through an e juice calculator your finished kiwi and lime eliquid recipe looks like this:













Kiwi Flavour



Lime Flavour







After the Blend

After blending, give the mixture a good shake - a really good shake.

Some people also like to steep their eliquids.  Steeping, which is essentially leaving the formula to mature or soften, allows the blend to mix together, and depending on the complexity of the blend doing this will dramatically improve the taste.  The effect might not be so obvious, or even necessary, on single-flavour recipes.

Another good idea is to label your bottle as soon as you’ve created your masterpiece – it's a good habit even if your recipe doesn’t turn out to be the masterpiece you planned.  It’s all too easy to lose a great recipe, or find one then not remember what its components are.

Nicotine Care

Nicotine degrades when it’s exposed to the air, heat or UV which can affect the taste of your eliquid.  Store it in a cool dark place - many people use an amber bottle, which helps combat the effects of sunlight.  Nicotine should always be kept out of the reach of children.


What Else You’ll Need


As well as your flavour concentrates, VG and PG liquids and your nicotine you’ll need to have the equipment for measuring the liquids.  Vapemate’s DIY eliquid kits come with 1ml, 2.5ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes for measuring accurate dosages, and 10ml and 30ml bottles for storing your recipes. There's also a pair of gloves to help prevent anything getting on your skin.

To sum it up you’ll need good measuring equipment – droppers, or measuring beakers if you’re measuring by volume, or good electric scales if you’re measuring by weight.  And you’ll need to store your finished recipes, so you’ll need a supply of storage bottles.

Making your own DIY eliquids is an adventure.  The recipe possibilities are only as small as you want them to be.


DIY and the TPD


The new regulations under the Tobacco Products Directive have affected vaping in every aspect. For DIY fans the TPD doesn’t effect VG, PG and flavourings because the regulations are concerned with nicotine.  But the maximum volume of a nicotine base is 20mg.


E Juice Recipes UK

If you enjoy blending your own try these e liquid recipes uk.  It’s. great starting point if you want to create your own diy e liquid recipes uk.