15 Vape Tips to Improve Your Vaping Experience

Jun 12, 2023

15 Vape Tips to Improve Your Vaping Experience

#1 Invest in the best e-liquids

Vaping is all about the flavour. Sure, you can buy a range of cheap vaping juices but they unlikely to deliver the flavour hit you enjoy simply because the carrier liquid is thinner, the flavour underwhelming and for cheap imports, possibly full of additives and other nasties.

Our individual 10ml bottles of e-juice start from £2.99, a price which is already competitive but decreases when you purchase a large quantity. Starter packs of different vaping juice flavours are also great value at just under £10. Don’t compromise your vaping experience with cheap juice.

#2 It’s all about the taste…

If you like one flavour of vaping juice then great! Stick with it but you know, there is a whole gambit of vaping flavours just waiting for you to try. Shake things up a little by enjoying different flavours from hints of your favourite soft drink flavours with Soda e-liquids!

#3 Get to know your preferred PG/VG ratio in vaping juices

It’s important to get your PG/VG ratios sorted because a high VG content to an e-liquid is perfect if you want think voluminous clouds but if you want a deep throat hit minus the clouds you need a low VG juice. For the ‘safer’ option, a higher VG ration tends to be better in terms of fewer allergies, no throat hit and tend to be sweeter too.

#4 Shake your vaping juice

Seriously, a little shake of your vaping juice to get everything mixed back up again before you fill your vape tank can make a whole world of difference to your vaping experience. And don’t leave your vape juice bottle open either. After half an hour of exposure to the air, the intense flavour is compromised.

#5 Hide your vape juice from the light…

If there is one thing that breaks down vaping juice it is direct sunlight so leave your untouched vaping juice in its unopened bottle in its cardboard carton, and pop it in a dark cupboard to minimise the possibility of it degrading.

#6 Plastic-not-so-fantastic

The perils of a plastic vape tank, common in some starter kits, is that strong, acidic flavours such as your citrus flavoured vaping juice or menthol flavours can ‘dig into’ the plastic colouring every vaping juice after that with a tinge of citrus or menthol. If you’re crazy about stronger flavours, you need a glass vape tank.

#7 Clean your vape tank regularly

Plastic or glass, your vape tank will eventually get gunky and that means every draw of your favourite e-juice will be spoilt with an unpleasant after taste. A simple rise under warm, running water will work but allow it to air dry for at least 15 minutes. If it’s a little gunkier, a wipeout with high-proof flavourless vodka will do the trick.

#8 Check the battery for e-juice gunk too

If your battery is not able to perform as it should, you won’t be getting the vaping experience you want. A regular check by unscrewing the battery from the atomiser and a wipe over with a paper towel to remove gunk and you’re done!

#9 Change your coils

Unfortunately, you can’t wash the coil as it’ll simply burn out the next time you use it. A crusty film on the coil means a burnt taste, again spoiling your vaping experience. Change your coil – which is very easy – when it looks burnt/crusty.

#10 You gonna need spare batteries…

Your vaping battery dies… hard luck. Or, you could be super organised and have a charged, spare battery in your pocket or bag neatly held in a piece of essential vaping kit, the spare battery carrier. Not all e-cigs and vapes can be used whilst they are charging so unless you have a model that can specifically accommodate this, don’t be tempted to try it.

#11 Multiple flavours, multiple tanks

It’s a simple tip that you’ll thank us for because you really don’t want the sweet tang of Glazed Doughnut e-liquid mingling with the savoury notes of Peanut Butter e-liquid. If you don’t rinse your tank after each liquid, you’ll end up with a mash-up of flavours that could be termed as ‘interesting’ or, as is more likely the case, disgusting. Different tanks for different flavours means no (disgusting) flavour ghosting.

#12 Avoid vaper’s tongue

If you vape the same e-juice flavour over and over again, you’ll never taste anything else. It’s called vaper’s tongue and although it sounds super serious, it isn’t. The easy fix is to change to a new flavour and stay hydrated too as sometimes, vaper’s tongue is made worse by dehydration.

#13 Never leave your house without a handkerchief

Seriously, your Grandma was right especially if you plan on vaping on the go, as a clean handkerchief in your pocket is perfect for dabbing up any e-liquid skills. It can happen which is why you need to …

#14 … invest in a carry case

If you vape on the go (and who doesn’t?) minimise the chances of needing your handkerchief to dab up spills by protecting your vaping device with a carry case. It’ll be the best few pounds you’ll ever spend.

#15 Have fun, experiment, enjoy

Vaping is a skill. It takes practice to get the temperature right, to get the flavour hit you want and to find the vaping juice flavours that suit your refined palate. Relax, enjoy it and have fun!

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