7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Battery

Jun 12, 2023

7 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Vape Battery

Winter is a wonderful season, more so when the sky is blue and the temperature crisp. That said, cold weather can play havoc with your vaporiser battery. Don’t let the cold drain your vaping kit with these simple and easy to follow tips.

Regardless of the type of battery, the cold is not its friend. Whether it is an integral rechargeable battery or a replaceable one, the cold prevents effective discharging. That means you’ll notice a difference in not only how long it lasts for but also how well the vaping battery performs in cold weather.

That said, the solution is NOT to apply direct heat in the hope that the battery will click back into life. What it does mean is protecting the battery from cold but understanding how to get the best from your vape battery.

#1 Turn it off when no longer in use

Whenever you are not using your device, turn it off. Even simple vaping kits will have circuitry in them that means when it is on or in stand-by mode it is still ‘thinking’ and that means it’ll be using charge.

We get why you do it though. Vaping is no convenient and handy that you probably keep your piece of kit in standby mode so that when the opportunity for a quick drag presents itself, you flick a button and away you go.

Turn it off and you’ll save a good deal of battery charge.

#2 Use your vape batteries regularly

Batteries are meant to be used. When they are stuck in a drawer or on a shelf gathering dust, their performance will be impaired when you do eventually use them.

This is because many of the materials used in the internal cells of your vape battery are degrading, even though they are not being used. Contrary to what you may think, not using your battery is causing it to degrade faster than when you use it.

Batteries in modern tech like phones are considered ‘intelligent’ batteries and so when they are being used correctly and doing the job that they were designed and built for, they will give excellent performance.

Use your battery, if only for a short period, in your vaping kit to stop it losing its power.

#3 Don’t overcharge them

There are still people who think that by keeping a full battery on charge that they are somehow stacking it full of extra power so it’ll last longer.

The battery in your vape pen or mod has a limited capacity. In other words, when the indicator says it is fully charged, it cannot fit any more charge in. It won’t last any longer if you keep it on charge for another six hours!

But what you could be doing is damaging it. Some battery charges cut out when the battery registers a full charge but not all do. If you notice your vape pen or battery is warm when you remove it off charge, it means that there has still been an electric current running through it. A battery at room temperature performs better than a very cold one but it could be damaging it too.

The rule is simple – when a rechargeable battery is showing that it is fully charged, take it off charge and use it.

#4 Charge your battery when it needs it

There tends to be contradictory advice about when you should charge your battery. Some advice suggests allowing your battery to completely drain whilst others say that short charging times are better.

Who’s right?

Different types of battery appreciate different kinds of charging so whilst some will need a complete discharge, for example, others don’t. Older batteries, for example, relied on a chemical reaction to discharge their energy. Charging threw this reaction into reverse and so when unplugged, it switched again and went through the discharging cycle again.

Occasionally, the chemical reaction in the battery could lead to a build-up in the battery itself and so there was advice that said allowing a complete discharge of the battery every now and then helped to preserve its life. In effect, this allowed it to reset.

However modern batteries, usually lithium ones, are smart batteries and with less of a ‘busy’ chemical reaction happening inside, it doesn’t need to be discharged fully to stay working great.

And so when it comes to charging your vaping batteries, charge them when they need it. Half-empty – charge it. Nearly dead – charge it.

#5 Store them fully charged

If you aren’t going to be using a piece of kit for a while and it has a fixed internal battery, charge it before you switch it off. For removable batteries, do the same with them. Charge them and then store them in a cool place.

But don’t leave them for long as they will stop being a top-performing battery (see tip #2).

#6 Keep your vape battery clean

You know the kind of thing – dust from your pocket, bits of fluff picked up in your bag, remnants of food and drink, bits of oil and gunk… we could go on but we’ve painted the picture clearly.

When a battery gets dirty, their connection with the vaporiser gets weaker. And that means less of a connection and a poor discharge because the battery is having to work harder to do what you want it to.

Keep it clean and you’ll notice a longer performance and better charge.

#7 Don’t let the vape battery get cold

Whether we see sub-zero temperatures this winter or not, your vape battery will perform much better if it doesn’t get cold. That means putting it away (switched off) in a protective pouch when carrying it with you. When not in use, don’t leave it in a cold place however you don’t want to place need you roaring open fire or on top of a radiator as this will cause a meltdown of the battery and its connections, and possibly injury too.

What should you do when your vaping battery is no longer performing well?

  •       Replace – batteries don’t last forever and so if you notice the charge is dropping it out quickly, the battery is coming to the end of its useful life. You need to replace the vape battery with the correct one so always triple check before you buy and use a new battery.
  •         Recycle - batteries of all kinds can be recycled, in part at least. As well as dropping off your batteries at your local recycling centre, some councils also collect batteries at the kerbside too. There are also battery recycling points at supermarkets too. However you choose to dispose of batteries, please do so responsibly and never in the rubbish bin as batteries contaminate landfill for years to come.

In summary

Vaping is something you can do throughout all four seasons but when it comes to battery life, you need to protect it from cold, keep it charged up and keep it clean for optimal performance.

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