How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

Jun 12, 2023

How to Extend the Life of a Vaporizer Battery

How To Ensure Maximum Vaporizer Battery Longevity 

Like most things these days, your vaping kit relies on a battery to deliver the vaping experience you want, when you want it. Looking after your vape will extend its life. With one of the most important features of your e-cig being the battery, learning how to look after it means it’ll last a whole lot longer. A battery that heats the coil every time you flick the switch will not only save you the frustration of running out of charge in the middle of a puff, but it’ll also help save you money by not needing to replace the battery too often or, more expensive still, replace your vape altogether.

It is frustrating when you notice your e-cig battery isn’t lasting as long as it once used to. Batteries don’t have an infinite life. The more times they use they discharge their power – the power, empty and charge cycle – the more likely they are to run low of efficient charging. There are ways that you can help your battery maintain its efficiency.


Follow these tips to help prolong the life of your vape battery, and help its performance peak

  1. Turn your e-cig off when not in use

Be sure to turn off your e-cig completely once you have finished using it. Even when your device is not in use, with the power button on it will continue to drain the battery of its charge, albeit slowly. By turning it off, you retain more of the power in the battery to use when you actually want to vape.

It’s crazy how many people think that by leaving it on whilst it’s in your pocket won't use any energy. Be smart and turn it off while you’re not using it!

  1. Regularly use your vape batteries

That’s right, you read that correctly – using your vaping device daily will ensure the battery stays in great shape. Like other batteries in ‘smart’ devices, the battery in most modern vapes and e-cigs need to be discharged and charged regularly to keep them in good working order.

If you don’t use your vape daily, slowly and over time it will lose some of its much-wanted power. Try to use your device daily, even if it’s only for a short period to keep the battery ticking over and extend its life even further.

  1. Use the correct charger

Not all chargers were made equal and not all chargers are designed for every battery type.  Using a suitable charger is vitally important for battery safety. Always use the charger or charging cable supplied with the device and always buy replacements from reputable companies.  When it reaches full charge capacity, make sure you remove it from the charger.

  1. Don’t let your vaporizer battery completely drain either

To avoid having to replace your e-cig battery often, don’t use your e-cig until it completely runs out of charge and then continue to try and milk more power from the battery. This places the battery under strain, possibly even damaging it too.

Try charging your e-cig when it's a quarter empty, this way it won't take as much energy to charge it up and won't put unnecessary strain on the battery either. The lower the charge in the battery, the more energy it will take to get back to full charge.

  1. Invest in more than one vaporizer battery

Invest in more than one vaporizer battery for your e-cig as this means you can rotate them regularly. This is similar to the second point about regularly using your vape. If you leave a spare battery in your bag for emergencies only, you may unintentionally be wearing it down. 

  1. Store all your batteries with a 50% charge

If you know you won't be using your battery or e-cig for a short time, make sure that it is 50% charged before you store it away.

If left for a long time, the likelihood is it will be flat when you come to use it. Likewise, if you must store vaporizer batteries, keep them in a cool place and the one thing that kills batteries dead it is icy cold temperatures and heat too.

  1. Keep your vape battery as clean as possible

Your e-cigs battery can get very dirty, very quickly. Because it is constantly going in and out of dirty pockets or bags and is more than likely the victim of e-liquid spills, your battery will benefit from a regular clean up.

When your e-cig battery gets a little dirty, the connection between it and your e-cig will become a lot weaker thus forcing the battery to work even harder than before to provide your device with the same amount of power as before, especially to produce a really high quality hit.

Taking care of your vaporizer battery

It’s common sense really – the harder your vaporizer battery has to work, the more its lifespan will dramatically decrease. It will also discharge a lot quicker which will mean you will have no choice but to charge it more often or face swapping it for another battery mid vaping session.

Keep it clean, don’t let your vaporizer battery get too cold or too hot, and make sure you charge it before the charge drops out completely and remove it from charge when it’s showing it’s full. These few basic know-how tips will mean you enjoy vaping, for longer and without the expense of buying a new battery too often.

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