Savoury Eliquid Flavours at Vapemate? It was Never Gourmet

Jun 12, 2023

Savoury Eliquid Flavours at Vapemate?

savoury eliquids flavours

Savoury Vape Juice?

Trawling through the Vapemate reviews the other day we came across some of our old savoury flavours...

Or should that be unsavoury?  To be honest they weren't as gourmet-like as we'd hoped.

What we should have named the section, rather than ‘Savoury Eliquids’, was ‘E-liquid Gifts for People you Don't Like’.

Just take a look at this review:

“Smokey bacon is absolutely vile so only buy it if you want to see the look of disgust on your friend's faces as they take a huge pull on it.” 

And that wasn’t the only brutally honest review:

“I opened the cap and smelled the e juice and it smelled awful! like, horrible. I figured before I bin it I should at least try it to see if it tastes much better than the smell, BIG MISTAKE, took a hit from my dripper and it made me violently sick for the next 10 minutes. I honestly wouldn’t give this to my enemies. If you love bacon, and want to continue to love bacon, DO NOT buy this juice!” 

Both these reviews were for the same flavour – Smokey Bacon.  But we'd also unleashed Roast Chicken, Roast Beef, Maple Hot Wings and Hickory Smoked vape on an unsuspecting customer base.

Yes, imagine vaping Maple Hot Wings... only once upon a time you didn't have to imagine. It was real.

One vaper compared Maple Hot Wings to C.S gas (although he claimed some immunity to C.S Gas but still wasn’t prepared for the throat hit of Maple Hot Wings.  “...Coughed half a lung” was just one of his rewards for testing the whims of our recipe creators).

But it takes many to make a world and they were not universally hated...

“The cat is going crackers as I vape.  It thinks I’m laying out some chicken flavoured cat food.”

 See? It wasn't all bad.  But you might notice we left out Roast Chicken's likeness to cat food from the website description.

But why weren’t our savoury e-liquid flavours that popular? 

Looking around, the consensus is that no-one truly gets savoury right.  There are one or two subjective success stories, but mostly achieving savoury perfection is tough in terms of eliquid.  In vaping forums, people suggested that for something to be savoury you need salt.  And that is lacking from all eliquid recipes.

So the advice was to drink some saltwater then vape…

… or quit trying to vape a roast dinner and seek sanctuary in the Fruits section.  Because you always know where you stand with an apple pie.

But at Vapemate we know when to stop.  We ditched the range and put it all down to experience.  We offered the savoury and gourmet eliquids for free to the internet and wished them all the best as they left the warehouse.

And now, if you are feeling roasty and happen to stumble on the old savoury eliquids page buried deep within, you won't find bottles. Instead there's a tombstone – ‘Here Lies Savoury Eliquid… It Didn’t Quite Work Out’.

So to every customer that bravely tested our savoury and gourmet attempts, we'd like to apologise.  

Our excuse is that progress knows no boundaries, even when it leads to “100-year-old cat urine which had been left out to cure in the sun after being soaked in hotdog brine.”

These days there's always e liquid flavour concentrates, to create any number of savoury, unsavoury or otherwise blends.

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