Three arguments to help you win the vape debate every time

Jun 12, 2023

Three arguments to help you win the vape debate every time

Vaping vs. Smoking - is vaping a healthy alternative to cigarettes

It's hard to get around the notion that we're vapers living in a cigarette smoker's world. Though e-liquid has been catching on as a viable (and preferable!) alternative to tobacco, much of the general public has yet to wrap its head around this brave new world of smoking.

Next time you find yourself defending your decision to switch to vaping -- even if it's less about the health benefits than it is about the style or aesthetic -- try calling upon one of these trusty arguments in favour of e cigarettes. They certainly seem to have worked for us.

1. Even those who aren't convinced vaping is harmless will have a hard time arguing that e cigarettes aren't a major health improvement over traditional tobacco.

Many regulatory agencies, including the World Health Organization, have called for greater regulation while more information is gathered on e cigarettes.

There's plenty of scientific literature to be cited when defending e-liquid as a dramatically less toxic alternative to cigarettes, however. Much of the evidence can best be summed up by this 2012 research paper, which concluded that "e-cigarette vapours contained some toxic substances. The levels of the toxicants were nine to 450 times lower than in cigarette smoke and were, in many cases, comparable with trace amounts found in the reference product."

Recently, British researchers from University London College claimed in an editorial published in the British Journal of General Practice that e cigarettes could save 6,000 lives per year for every 1 million smokers.


2. They seem be to be working as they were originally intended -- as a smoking cessation tool.

Which isn't to say that vapers might enjoy their new hobby enough to keep on with it using zero-nicotine e-liquid, but for the most part, smokers who aren't yet able to quit can reduce the health risks by switching to vaping, and many who do so with the aim of ditching nicotine do so successfully.

new study published in the Cochrane Library by researchers from the UK and New Zealand found that in two randomised trials of 662 smokers, 9 per cent of those who used e cigarettes were able to quit for up to one year, compared with 4 per cent of smokers using the nicotine-free e cigarettes.

As far as smoking reduction went in those who had not quit, 36 per cent of the ecigarette users halved the number of regular cigarettes they were smoking, compared with 28 per cent who were given placebos.


3. Those who vape might have an easier time finding a date.

From a less scientific standpoint, vapour eschews the things people typically find icky about conventional cigarettes.

E cigarettes contain no tar, and they don't come laden with many of the toxic additives that accompany tobacco. As a bonus, vapers don't smell like smokers. In fact, their breath is much more likely to smell like blueberries or pumpkin pie.

With more than 170 flavours to choose from, vaping is more of a connoisseur's hobby than a nasty habit in need of breaking.

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