Vapemate Keeps Bad Chemicals Like Diacetyl Out of Your Eliquids

Jun 12, 2023

Vapemate Keeps Bad Chemicals Like Diacetyl Out of Your Eliquids


The vaping industry has often been portrayed as a Wild West kind of environment, where mad chemists slap together the ingredients for e-liquid to get them out the door as quickly as possible. In the current regulatory climate, this can’t be further from the truth. Most British e-liquid manufacturers have processes and policies in place to be compliant with the Tobacco Products Directive, one requirement of which is to use high quality ingredients in the manufacture of e-liquids.

Diacetyl-Free E-Liquid

Vapemate completely committed to this in May 2016 with a laboratory built for quality testing and standards-based production of e-liquids specifically to the requirements of the TPD, and beyond. We are focused on giving our customers the highest quality and safest e-liquids possible. One of the areas in which we do this is to ensure that the chemicals we use for e juice flavours are safe - and this includes not using chemicals which have been shown to be harmful.


Vapemate’s TPD compliance and how it makes your vape better


All incoming e-liquid concentrates are tested for contamination and consistency before production starts. Production itself takes place in a clean room environment which ensures no contamination, with equipment being cleaned and sanitized between each flavour. Recipes for each flavour are strictly followed to ensure consistency - the blue raspberry e-liquid you taste from us this month will be the same taste that you get a year from now, unless we improve our formula. Product improvements are also ongoing - if we receive complaints about flavours, they are tested to see if they require improvement, and we take measures to improve the recipe if they do.


TPD compliance requires that we test each ingredient and emission for toxicology, and if it does not pass these tests, it doesn’t go into e-liquid recipes. More importantly, we don’t just test the ingredients as a raw material; we also test it as vapour for full toxicology emissions profiling.


Some of the ingredients such as propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin and nicotine have generally not been called into question by the scientific community. The only potential “problem” ingredients are the chemicals used in e-liquid flavour concentrates and Vapemate is careful to avoid chemicals that have been deemed unsafe for e-liquids. The TPD vaping laws give us the processes we need to follow to ensure that these flavourings don’t make it in, and our additional quality standards build even more firewalls against unsafe ingredients ending up in your vape juice.


All Vapemate ejuices are diacetyl-free


The leading flavour ingredient which should be off every manufacturer's list is diacetyl. This is the chemical which creates “popcorn lung” and is toxic to inhale. It’s a mystery as to exactly why it was used in eliquid flavourings in the first place, but probably has something to do with the beginning of the industry being non-scientists fiddling about in their garage workshops. Its chemical cousin, 2,3-pentanedione, is also kept out of our eliquids.


Other chemicals and ingredients of concern we keep out


Naturally-occurring cinnamon is a known irritant and has been removed from all of our e-liquids. Any cinnamon flavours are created with artificial flavouring components. Vanillin and benzaldehyde can be respiratory irritants at higher levels and are used and monitored to be kept at low levels within the regulatory requirements of the Tobacco Products Directive.


These are just some known offenders that we either do not use or use at low, safe levels - as previously stated, we don’t use anything that tests positive on any toxicology tests, and mark the ingredient on a banned list for future use if it comes up.


Allergies and vaping                                                   


If you are allergic to something, you should avoid purchasing flavours which would contain those flavours if you were to order their real-world counterparts in a restaurant. In many cases, artificial flavouring is used to mimic a natural flavour, but there are instances where flavour is derived naturally. If you are allergic to nuts, for example, you should avoid eliquid which may contain flavourings from nuts.


It isn’t enough to get our customers off of smoking - we want to make sure they are doing it in a safe way with our eliquids. If you have concerns about particular ingredients, we invite you to contact us with questions.

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