What is a Clearomiser? The Ultimate Guide to Clearomisers...

Jun 12, 2023

What is a Clearomiser? The Ultimate Guide to Clearomisers...

Vapemate Clearomiser

As vaping continues to grow in popularity and the options for e-cigarettes expand, it can often seem like there are too many choices of vaping mods available. But a clear of understanding of the components of vaping devices can assist with having the best possible vaping experience.

E-cigarettes have at least 3 parts: the battery, the tank, and the atomiser with atomiser coils which converts e-liquid into vapor. Most current vaping devices combine the atomizer with a cartridge and wicks into either a cartomiser or most recently, a clearomiser.

Comparing Clearomisers to Cartomisers

A cartomiser is a solid tube that contains polyfill wrapped around heating vape coils. The polyfill absorbs e juice allowing for a longer vape time. Cartomisers are generally prefilled and disposable.

A clearomiser is a clear plastic or glass tank. E liquid is delivered to the heating coil via a silica wick. Clearomisers are reusable, meaning that they can be more expensive than cartomisers, but they do have several benefits.

The Clear Benefits of Clearomisers

The refillable tank allows you to customise your e-liquid to your personal taste. You can choose from an almost infinite number of flavours and select the nicotine level that works best for you.

The clear tank also allows you to see the level of e-juice inside of the clearomiser. This makes it simple to tell how much liquid is left so you can refill it when it gets low, reducing the risk of a “dry hit” or burnt taste. It’s also easy to find a tank large enough for the amount of vaping you do.

Unlike cartomisers, clearomisers don’t use filler material to absorb the e-liquid.  Instead they use a wicking system that allows for the perfect amount of e-juice to be fed to the atomiser.

Some styles of clearomiser feature a top heating coil with longer wicks which allows for easy refilling and a warmer vape, similar to smoking a cigarette; others have a bottom heating coil with shorter wicks that allow for easier saturation and cooler but more intense flavour.

Filing and Cleaning Your Clearomiser

When refilling your clearomiser, don’t pour e-liquid directly into the tube. The tube leads to your vape mods battery and has an air duct which is how the vapor travels from the atomizer to your mouth. To refill, tilt the Clearomiser at a slight angle and carefully drip the juice into the surrounding tank, avoiding the center tube.

You can buy disposable clearomisers that only last a few weeks, or you can invest in a rebuildable one. These can be taken apart, cleaned and their parts replaced. Although more expensive initially, a rebuildable can save money in the long term since replacement parts are inexpensive.

Cleaning your clearomiser will extend its life, where the device allows this. Carefully take it apart and rinse the tank with warm water until the water runs clear. Allow it to air dry  thoroughly before reassembling it.

To clean the coil you can do a simple process called a “dry burn”. Heat up your coil in short bursts until you can see the coil glowing.  You will see vapor rising on the coil which means the residue is burning away. Blow this away without blowing directly into the clearomiser, which can damage the coil.  Allow it cool before reassembling.



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