Where Are You Not Allowed To Vape In The UK?

Aug 4, 2023

Vaping is a great way to stop smoking and it looks like the UK government agrees. In this article, we will be looking at where you are not allowed to vape in the UK, so if you’re thinking of moving there or just visiting for a holiday, read on!

The Rise of The Vape

Vaping has become an incredibly popular way to give up smoking and there are now estimated to be 3.2 million vapers in the UK. It’s become so popular that there are now more vapers than smokers in the country. That’s a pretty impressive statistic and it just goes to show how effective vaping can be.

In recent years, vaping has also been embraced by the government who sees it as a great way to help people quit smoking. The government has even gone as far as to make it legal to vape indoors and this is something that other countries are starting to emulate.

You Can't Vape Indoors

It's illegal to use an e-cigarette inside public buildings, workplaces, and vehicles with someone else present - even if they're OK with it. This includes restaurants and bars as well as offices and schools. And don't think about vaping on trains or buses either because that's also banned under the same law.

There are some exceptions though: vaping is allowed in your own home or garden but only when no one else is there. This means you can vape in your hallway or porch if someone's waiting for a lift, but not when others are sitting with you in the living room. There may be a few other exceptions too, but these are still being worked out by the government. If they do decide to add more then we'll update this page. That also goes for information on the age restrictions that apply to e-cigarettes, which are currently at 18 years old in England.

Vaping on a Train/at a Train Station

Vaping is not permitted on any train or at railway stations in the UK. This is because of a ban that was introduced back in 2015 and also applies to London Underground and bus stations. The reason for this is that vaping can cause distractions and is therefore seen as a safety concern.

Regulations banning the use of electronic cigarettes on board trains came into force in November 2015

Vaping on a Bus/at a Bus Stop

As regulations state that vaping is not permitted on trains then it follows that this also applies to buses. There’s one exception to this rule though and that’s when you’re in the smoking shelter at a bus stop, which means you can vape there if someone’s waiting for a bus.

Vaping in an Office

This is one area that’s still up for debate. Currently, it is illegal to vape inside an office if you are surrounded by people who don’t want you to do it. However, there was a recent survey that showed that the majority of employees would like to see vaping allowed in their place of work. This opens up some interesting possibilities and means that there could be a huge change coming in this area very soon. The result is yet to be announced but we will update this page when we find out more information on the subject.

Vaping at an Airport

Airports have a very strict no-vaping policy and you will be asked to stop if you are caught doing it. This is because of the concerns around vaping and terrorism. It's also worth noting that you can't vape on planes either.

The use of e-cigarettes is not allowed at any UK airport - even in the smoking areas

Vaping While Driving a Vehicle

If you’re thinking about vaping in your car then think again! Although vaping is not currently banned from all vehicles, using them whilst driving is unfortunately just as illegal as texting. As a result, vaping in your car is seen as just as dangerous and you could get pulled over for doing it.

Vaping at a Sports/Music Venue

Although vaping is legal in most public places, in the UK it is not permitted within sports and music venues. This applies to both indoor and outdoor areas and includes stadiums, shops, bars, restaurants, parks, swimming pools. The reason for this ban is the likelihood that other people could be adversely affected by second-hand smoke or vapor.

Vaping in a Restaurant

Great news - you are allowed to vape in a restaurant as long as it's not one of the places that specifically bans it. This means that you can enjoy a meal while vaping, as long as you ask the staff first. There may be some restrictions on where you can do this, such as not being able to smoke at the table but may already be a designated smoking area either outside or inside the establishment. It is legal to vape in a restaurant as long as it's not one of the places that specifically bans it.

There may be some restrictions on where you can do this, such as not being able to smoke at the table but may already be a designated smoking area. You should always ask the staff before vaping in a restaurant. Restaurants are allowed to have their policies on vaping so it's always best to check with them beforehand.

So, there you have it - where not to vape in the UK. If you want more information on vaping laws then read our article here. If you’re thinking about giving up smoking make sure you read vaping basics and shop our range of eliquids.

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