Which Types of Vape Mods are Most Popular 2021

Jun 12, 2023

Which Types of Vape Mods are Most Popular 2021

VapeMate: 5 Most Popular Vape Mods for 2021

In case you still don’t know what a ‘mod’ is, we’ll tell you:

It’s a shortened version of ‘modified’ and, where vaping is concerned, the word describes any e-cigarette that is bigger and bulkier (and, arguably, better) than the rest.  

Most popular vape kits possess features that the smaller pen-like vapes don’t.

For instance, the mod battery is usually a bit bigger and lasts longer, the elements that heat the e-liquid are more efficient, and the mod reservoir is bigger.

Mods tend to be thought of as a step-up from pen vapes, and users generally consider the output of the mod to be superior.

If your appetite is whetted by that little introduction, where do you start?


If you’ve made a decision to buy a mod it’s probably because you want to enhance your vaping experience; you’re looking for better taste, more vape and more kick.

But there are dozens of popular vape mods on the market, all of which seem to offer, more-or-less, the same benefits of more advanced hardware and more adjustable output.

Hence the reason we’ve come up with five vape mods that we think are the bee’s knees for 2019.

Mods that enhance the flavour of the e-liquid, that deliver an awesome feeling to throat and chest, and that are more reliable and longer-lasting.

It’s not easy to find something that does all of the above, but it’s not impossible, and if you’re willing to compromise on some aspects of the experience you leave your options wide open.

1. JAC Vapour series S22


The S22 is easy to use and needs little in the way of prep before use. It is small and compact, almost a cross between a vape pen and box mod. The S22 is also supposedly the best starting point for first-time vapers because of its user-friendly nature: all you need to do is fill the reservoir with e-liquid, pop the battery on and take a drag.

In terms of taste and kick, all the signs point to it delivering a great mouth-to-lung vape volume, and the sub-ohm coil ensures a healthy lung hit.

There are also no settings to have to deal with; the mod senses the type of coil you have fitted and adjusts the output of the 2600mAh Integrated Battery accordingly.

Lightweight, nifty and packing a reasonable punch, use JAC Vapour series S22 if you’re a first-timer or a vaper with a bit of ambition.


The SMOK T-PRIV Vape Kit combines the T-PRIV Box Mod and the TFV8 Big Baby 2ml Tank.

This popular vape mod delivers an exceptional vape experience due to its variable power output and adjustable temperature range. The device also includes customisable LED lighting and is powered by two 18650 batteries.

There is a lot of data feedback to be gleaned from the SMOK brain, which is useful but can be confusing to the uninitiated.

Safety features abound here, including an intelligent atomiser recognition system to allow for power up or down according to the wish of the user.

The SMOK includes a micro-USB port, which not only enables the device’s charging but also allows the user to download newly-released firmware. All-in-all it is a superb vape mod that can rightfully sit atop a list of dozens of other less well-equipped ones.

3. Joyetech Espion Solo

This 80W vape mod is another one of those mods that is perfect for the aspiring vaper. It is solidly built and easy to use, and just the right size to fit comfortably into any palm.

Features of the Espion include a clear 1.3-inch display which incorporates an easy-to-use touch-screen. This vape mod also has a top-fillable ProCore Air TankProCore Air Tank and adjustable bottom airflow.

The user controls the vape settings by their interaction with the navigation screen, which is easy to comprehend, easy to read and extremely responsive.

The Espion not only looks the part, its cutting edge technology renders it powerful, reliable and ultimately enjoyable.


4. VooPoo Drag 2

Although the VooPoo Drag 2 looks complicated, it isn’t.

In fact, it is one of the easiest vapes for even the beginner to get their head around. That’s because the logic used in the creation of the performance settings is plain and relevant to the task (there are no redundant settings or convoluted sub-menus to mess around with).

The device represents the next generation of VooPoo and although it follows in its ancestor's capable footsteps, the Drag 2 is far sleeker than the original as well as being more compact and portable.

The device’s Gene Fit chip creates responsiveness like no other. The reliability of the innovative chip also adds cast-iron safety and reliability to the mod.

The mod’s chip allows you to adjust performance infinitesimally to suit your preferences of vape strength and kick. The mod will adjust its power output in accordance with the nature of the coil fitted.

Titanium, nickel and stainless steel coils are regulated by the mod for maximum safety and performance.


5. Innokin Proton 235W

The Innokin is one of an advanced cohort of vape mods that has hit the market running. Its design is bang up to date and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maximising the vaper experience.

The basic requirements of a vape mod are combined with an interface that perfectly meets the needs of the advanced vaper. Excellent battery life, awesome display screen and a myriad of settings make this one of the most sought-after vapes around.

This is not a vape for beginners. The settings controls are a little unwieldy and take some time to get used to (a joy-stick below the display allows for adjustment of performance mid-vape). So too may the colour screen settings be a little daunting to the newbie who expects their mod to be instantly puffable.


That being said, the performance controls of the Innokin are not impossible to understand in time and, in combination with the 235W power output, adjustable wattage, mesh coil and sizeable e-liquid tank, the Innokin is just about one of the best vapes around.



Spend some time to deliberate over these vape kits. It’s not an easy task to separate them according to their virtues since they are all at the top of their game and offer much the same excellent vaping experience.

You won’t regret finding a mod that blends powerful performance with key safety features and the delivery of a quality vape and kick.

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