Why Vape Without Nicotine?

Jun 12, 2023

Why Vape Without Nicotine?

You may think that vaping and nicotine went together like salt and vinegar or Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, but just like those pairings - if you consciously uncouple them, they work just as well individually as they did in tandem. 

If you didn’t know that you could vape without nicotine, well then, allow us to open your eyes to the world of vaping nicotine free e liquid. Because you don’t have to be an ex-smoker to enjoy our flavourful e juices, nor do you need to inhale nicotine to partake in the joys of vaping. 

When you vape you have a choice: you can either vape e juice with nicotine already mixed in, or you can vape e liquid without nicotine.  

And if you’re undecided, or you would like a little nicotine in the mix occasionally and none the rest of the time, well that works just fine too. Because all you need to do to satisfy your vaping sweet tooth, is simply purchase several bottles of your favourite e liquid in short fill form (these are bottles of your e juice flavour that have space in the top of them for you to mix in nicotine if you require it). Meaning you can vape your preferred flavour of e liquid with and without nicotine. That’s a win win in our book.

Why vape without nicotine?

You’re probably wondering why you would vape without nicotine, but there are numerous reasons why people opt to vape nicotine-free e liquid:  

  • For health reasons
  • Because you aren’t an ex smoker and therefore don’t need the nicotine hit - you just enjoy the social aspect of vaping or you have a favourite flavour of e juice, either way, there’s no judgement here. 
  • Because you’re no longer addicted to nicotine (well done you) but you still enjoy vaping. The NHS recommends vaping as the best way to quit smoking - all you have to do is switch cigarettes for a vaping device and slowly reduce the amount of nicotine that you include in your favourite e liquid. Over time you can reduce the amount of nicotine to zero and then you merely sit back, smug at your ability to quit smoking, whilst having found a great new hobby. 

Side effects of vaping without nicotine

To be honest, there aren’t really any side effects of vaping without nicotine, because you’re simply vaping a combination of VG, PG and flavour. 

Yes, you could still potentially experience the side effects of vaping as discussed in a previous blog post, regardless of whether your e liquid does or does not contain nicotine.  

Saying that, the obvious side effect of vaping without nicotine is a positive one, in that you’re removing the powerful hook that suckers in most smokers and holds them prisoner in its addictive embrace. Nicotine is why most smokers smoke, they’re hooked on it. 

Nicotine inhaled via cigarettes stimulates the receptors in our brains to release dopamine, resulting in a feeling of pleasure - it’s why smokers find quitting so hard, very little can replace that rush of wellbeing. But, if you don’t need the nicotine, then you aren’t beholden to it. 

6 other reasons to vape without nicotine

  1. Better flavour. Nicotine free e juice tends to be more flavourful because the true flavour of the e liquid isn’t being masked by the peppery taste of nicotine. 
  2. Smoother vape. When you vape without nicotine, most vapers will agree that the vaping experience tends to be much smoother, and this is down to not having the harsh, peppery taste of nicotine interfering with your vape.

  3. Less of a throat hit. If you aren’t a big fan of the throat hit when vaping, one way to reduce it is to adjust the levels of PG to VG to ensure that you maximise the flavour and the vape cloud by reducing the throat hit. The other way you can reduce the throat hit is by vaping without nicotine. Nicotine is one of the reasons that you experience a throat hit when you vape with nicotine - it’s the bitter, peppery taste that accompanies the smooth flavour of your prefered e liquid. To get the full benefit of your fave e liquid, simply remove the nicotine component.

  4. Nicotine free e liquid is non toxic. Any legal vendor of e liquids in the UK has to conform to vaping regulations, meaning that if you purchase nicotine free e liquid, then the e juice you’ll be vaping will be made up of just food grade ingredients - VG, PG and flavour - nothing else. (Side note - non toxic doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily good for you, it just means that it is fit for human consumption).

  5. There’s nothing to get addicted to. If you vape e juice without nicotine, there is nothing for you to get hooked on, besides the simply joy of the vaping experience itself. And why would you want to give up something that brings you such pleasure and relaxation? Plus, if you have a sweet tooth you get all the benefits of satisfying your sugar cravings without any of the associated weight gain!

  6. Better vape clouds. If you like to disappear in your very own vape cloud, then vaping without any nicotine is the way ahead. 

Finally, as mentioned above, if you’re going to vape nicotine free you’re going to experience the full flavour of your favourite e juice, so why opt for a brand that is subpar, when you could choose to have the ultimate vaping experience courtesy of your friends here at vapemate?

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