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Passionate about vaping? Combining CBD vape juice and e-cigarettes is convenient, affordable, safe and nicotine-free. What’s more, CBD vaping allows for a healthier and more accessible way of consuming the cannabinoid.


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Here at Vapemate, we supply a wide range of premixed CBD e-juice, ideal for vaping enthusiasts and those looking for alternative methods of getting their daily dose of CBD. All of our CBD e-liquids are of the highest quality, TPD compliant and British made for your safety. Expect a range of flavours and strengths.

What is CBD Vape Juice?

CBD vape juice is not so different from the e-liquids you’ve come to know and love. Also referred to as CBD vape oil or CBD vape liquid, the major difference to e-liquids is that CBD vape juice does not contain nicotine. Instead, it contains the cannabinoid: CBD. However, the way you vape with either remains the same.

CBD is the naturally occurring cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant and has become famous around the world for its therapeutic benefits. Whilst there a huge number of ways CBD can be consumed; CBD vape juice has become amongst the most popular as it offers discretion and a tasty alternative to ingested CBD oil.

Those who opt to vape with CBD e-juice can do so privately or out in public as the appearance and smell is no different to regular e-liquid. Ideal for those who use CBD as a means of relief.

Are CBD Vape Juices legal?

In the UK, CBD oil containing less than 0.2% THC – the psychoactive cannabinoid found within the cannabis plant – is perfectly legal. This includes CBD in all of its forms, including tinctures and capsules, as well as CBD edibles and vape juices.

It is important however to ensure you are getting high-quality CBD vape juice. At Vapemate, all of our CBD e-juices are 100% British made, TPD compliant and regulated for your safety and enjoyment.

Are CBD e-liquids psychoactive?

CBD e-liquids aren’t psychoactive, the same as any other legal CBD products here in the UK. For CBD products to be legal, they must contain less than 0.2% THC, which is the compound that accounts for the psychoactive properties.

The good news is that whilst CBD vape juice is not psychoactive, users can still benefit from the calming therapeutic benefits CBD has to offer.

How to Vape CBD?

Whether you are brand new to vaping or have simply never tried vaping CBD liquid, the great news is that the process is straight-forward. Vaping CBD is no different from vaping with regular e-liquid!

The vaping device you use will determine how you vape your CBD juice. Simply follow the instructions provided with your e-cigarette kit. The most important thing to note about vaping with CBD juice is that it cannot contain nicotine.

If you are a regular consumer of nicotine, you will have to ensure you do this separately from your CBD vape, as nicotine and CBD cannot be combined in e-liquids.

New to vaping? No problem – at Vapemate we supply a wide variety of beginner vape kits which are perfect if you’re just learning the ropes. What’s more, these beginner kits are still fine for use with CBD vape liquid.

What strength CBD Vape Juice do I need?

If you are brand new to CBD in general, then it is advised to start off light and work your way up. Do this until you find a strength that works for you. It is important to note that even if you have used CBD products in the past, moving to CBD vape juice for the first time may be a little strange. So, it is still advisable that you start off with a low CBD volume.

We supply a range of strengths here at Vapemate. Expect everything from 200mg to 3000mg, ensuring there is an option available for every type of customer. For a brief understanding on the different strengths and what they mean, you can follow this handy guide:

  • 50-200mg – considered low strength
  • 200-500mg – medium strength
  • 500-2000mg – high strength
  • 2000-4000mg – very high strength

Experience aside, other factors can determine how strong you should go with your CBD intake, including age, weight and the symptoms you are trying to ease. It is, for this reason, we always advise to air on the side of caution and opt for a low dose to begin with.

Can you mix any CBD oil into a DIY e-liquid?

If you’re a vaping connoisseur then you may be tempted to mix your own e-liquid and here at Vapemate, we supply everything you might need to do just that! But, creating a DIY e-liquid using CBD oil is a completely different thing, so here’s what you need to know.

The first and most important thing to note is that not all CBD oil is suitable for inhaling. In fact, many CBD oils you can buy off the shelves have been manufactured to ingest as a tincture.

CBD vape liquid cannot be combined with nicotine, so if you’re making your own CBD liquid, use one of our nicotine-free shortfill e-liquids.

If you’re sourcing your CBD from a reputable source, there will be serving suggestions available to help guide you. Make sure to consider how much you should put into your e-liquid. As a guide, you should try vaping between 2-12mg of CBD per 10kg of body weight. Need a little more info? Check out our guide on creating your own CBD vape liquid.

How long will a bottle of CBD e juice last?

How long CBD vape juice lasts varies from person to person. That’s because it depends on how regularly you use your e-cigarette and many mg of CBD is included.
However, on average, you can expect a 10ml of 100mg to last around a week without overuse.

In terms of shelf life, a regular bottle of e-liquid can be anywhere between 1-2 years. With CBD e-juice, you can expect the shelf life to be shorter, between 12-24 months.

Is CBD Vape Juice addictive?

CBD itself is not an addictive substance, so there is no risk of chemical addiction. What’s more, CBD e-juice cannot be combined with nicotine, which is addictive, so there’s no risk of addiction to other chemicals when vaping CBD.

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