DIY E Liquids

DIY e liquids allow you to cater your vape juice to your own personal preferences. Fancy having a go at creating your own vape juice? You'll find everything you need in our DIY e liquid supplies below.


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9 Items

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Creating your own DIY Vape Juice opens up a realm of possibilities. Choose everything from your own flavours to the specific type of throat hit or vapour you prefer. Above you’ll find everything you need to get started but if you’re at all confused, check out our guide to making your own vape juice.

How do I make my own e-liquid?

Creating DIY vape juice is no simple feat. You’ll need the right pieces of kit and the knowhow but once you get started, you’ll likely never look back. Here we take a look at e liquid ingredients and the pieces of kit you’ll need.

  • DIY Vape Juice Ingredients:

First, lets take a look at the ingredients you’ll need for DIY Vape Juice.

  • PG: Propylene Glycerol

Found in all e-liquids, this completely safe, synthetic food additive creates part of the base for your DIY E Liquid. The more PG you choose to use, the thinner your liquid and the stronger the throat hit.

  • VG: Vegetable Glycerol

Another safe component which acts as a base, VG helps add flavour to your vape experience. Thicker than PG, it offers you the chance for more cloud vapour and helps sweeten your flavourings.

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  • Flavour Concentrates

Here’s the fun part. Flavour concentrates do exactly what they say on the tin and allow you to customise your flavour however you see fit. You can mix and match to create some truly versatile and original vape flavours.

  • Nicotine

If you’re looking to quit smoking or already vape to help cravings, you’ll no doubt want to add nicotine to your DIY e-juice. You’ll need to monitor the strength you put in to make sure it matches your needs. If you’re looking to make your own CBD Vape Juice swap nicotine out for CBD as the two can’t be combined.

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DIY E Liquid Mixing Kit and Tools

Now you’ve chosen your flavours and bought your ingredients, you’ll need the kit to mix it all together! Here are the basics but we do recommend buying an vape juice Mixing Kit to save yourself the hassle of individual purchases.

  • Syringes: You’ll need a range of eliquid syringes to ensure you mix your e liquid accurately. We recommend four syringes: 10ml, 5ml, 2.5ml and 1ml. This allows you to keep all your ingredients separate before you add to your empty bottles.
  • Empty Bottles: The amount of empty bottles you need really depends on how much DIY Vape Juice you plan to make. As a rule of thumb, you’ll probably want at least 5 10ml bottles and 5 30ml too. This gives you the freedom to trial different PG VG Ratios.
  • Nitrile Gloves: Handling chemicals is never risk-free, especially if you’re including pure nicotine. Choose a pair of nitrite gloves to stay safe. These gloves offer superior strength and resistance to oils and other chemicals, allowing create DIY E Liquids stress-free.

Now you should be ready to create DIY E Liquids from home. If you don't fancy making your own vape juice - check out our ready-made e liquids. And, for more help and advice read vaping basics.

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