Vape & E-Cigarette Starter Kits

With research from Public Health England, it's been shown that e-cigarettes & vaping are up to 95% safer than traditional cigarettes. Quite simply, the amount of toxins in traditional cigarettes makes smoking far more damaging to your health in both the short, medium and long-term.

With smoking cessation gaining traction in the UK there has been a surge in the volume of people joining the vape revolution. It's not uncommon to find smokers feeling overwhelmed by the choice of vaping hardware and e-liquids - so, we've put together a useful ultimate beginner's guide to vaping.

Vape starter kits & e-cigarette starter kits are one of the most effective ways of kicking the habit & offer much higher success rates vs. other forms of smoking cessation & nicotine replacement therapy. At Vapemate, we stock a range of first e-cig kits & simple to use out of the box vaping kits to make the transition as easy & straightforward as possible.

Shop our range of e-cigarette starter kits & vape accessories - shop now and receive free, fast delivery on orders over £30. 


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  1. Dash Bundle
    £13.50 Regular Price £15.00
    Dash Bundle
  2. Dash Nic Salts Disposable Pod Blackcurrant
    Special Price £5.39 Regular Price £5.99
    Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pod Blackcurrant
  3. Dash Nic Salts Disposable Pod Custard
    Special Price £5.39 Regular Price £5.99
    Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pod Custard
  4. Dash Nic Salts Disposable Pod Fruit Crush
    Special Price £5.39 Regular Price £5.99
    Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pod Fruit Crush
  5. FreeMax GEMM Kit
    FreeMax GEMM Kit
  6. Innokin Endura T18II Mini Kit
    Innokin Endura T18II Mini Kit
  7. Innokin Endura T20-S
    Innokin Endura T20-S
  8. IQ 3 Ultra Portable Device 2
    Special Price £40.49 Regular Price £44.99
    IQ 3 Ultra Portable Device Black
  9. Relx Essential Device + Pre-filled Pods Bundle
    £7.18 Regular Price £7.98
    Relx Essential Device + Pre-filled Pods Bundle
  10. Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit
    Smok Nord 2 Pod Kit
  11. Vaporesso Orca Solo Kit
    Vaporesso Orca Solo Kit
  12. VM Pocket Replacement Pods 2-Pack
    Special Price £7.19 Regular Price £7.99
    VM Pocket Replacement Pods 2-Pack
  13. Aspire Breeze 2 Kit 3

    Starting at £20.69

    Aspire Breeze 2 Kit
    Out of stock
  14. Aspire Breeze All in One Ecigarette Kit

    Starting at £21.59

    Aspire Breeze All in One Ecigarette Kit
    Out of stock
  15. Aspire Zelos 50w Kit

    Starting at £44.99

    Aspire Zelos 50W Kit
    Out of stock
  16. Dash Nic Salts Disposable Pod Menthol
    Special Price £5.39 Regular Price £5.99
    Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pod Menthol
    Out of stock

Items 1-18 of 37

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Beginner Vaping Kits

Above, we've handpicked a range of kits & disposable pods that are very simple to get started with. Whether you opt towards a pen-style cigarette look-a-like device (e-cigarette) or a vape kit (power unit, vape tankatomizer & coil) both will offer great satisfaction when it comes to replacing the habit of smoking.

e-Cigarettes tend to be more popular for those who have just started on their "quitting smoking" journey due to their simplicity (plug and play) & their convenience - simply charge and top up with an E-Liquid of your choice and use it like you would a traditional cigarette (without the nasties). Of course - as you embark on your smoke-free journey you can opt to reduce the amount of nicotine in your vaping by choosing blends with a lower MG nicotine. 

Vape kits offer a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to vape including replaceable batteries (with different capacities) as well as vape power units with different resistances, different tank capacities & more. Our extensive range of smoking replacement products will help you to experience the enjoyment of smoking without the ill-health effects associated. Join the vaping revolution and enjoy hundreds of delicious fruit, menthol & candy flavoured e-liquids & vape juices.


What do starter kits include?

Vape starter kits will generally come with everything you need in one kit to begin vaping. For most kits this will include the power unit or "vape pen", clearomiser, a battery and a usb charger. What you receive as part of the kit will depend on whether you opt for a traditional e-cigarette or a vape kit. Some kits may also come with a free bottle of e-liquid, usually tobacco, menthol or fruit vape juice. If you opt for a vape kit you'll receive a power unit, vape tank with atomizer head and coil and a range of vape accessories including a USB charger & spare parts along with an instruction manual. 

How much do starter kits cost?

The price varies depending on your choice of beginner e-cigarette/vape device. For budget entry into vaping we offer the Flare Vape Starter Kit which at £14.99 offers exceptional value for money, what's more, this kit also comes with a free e-liquid, so, you'll literally be able to start your vaping journey on a small budget. We offer a range of different, stylish beginner vaping pens that are compact and fit nicely into any coat pocket - the innokin jem pen kit is perfect for portability and for first time vapers.


What is the best starter kit for beginners?

This will depend entirely on your preference, how much you smoke, whether you opt for a pen or full vape pod. If you are on a budget the Flare Vape Starter Kit at £14.99 is all you need to get started - but, it's an out of the box device with no settings/configurations, it's vape and go, so for someone looking for a more intense vaping experience, you'd likely be better off with the Innokin JEM kit at £27.99 which offers a larger 1000mAh battery and adjustable wattage so you can increase/decrease your hit as you please - enjoy more vapour with the Innokin JEM 1.6Ω Vape Coil - as this is a mouth to lung device, we recommend using an e-liquid that's no higher than 50vg.


How do you use an e-Cigarette Starter Kit?

Vaping is in principle very simple to do. All of the starter kits on sale at Vapemate will come with instructions on using them - so, out of the box, it shouldn't take you more than a few minutes to get vaping. For most users, on receipt of your starter kit it's likely you'll need to charge the battery (giving it a full, longer initial charge - due in part to LI-ON technology). Once the battery is charged, setup should be swift, for e-cigarettes it will be a case of filling with your own choice of e-liquid. For vape pods you may be required to set up the tank before adding your e-liquid. 


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