Nic Salts

Nic salts feature a higher concentration of nicotine than regular e-liquids but offer a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience. They provide the closest thing to the real deal as is possible, so if you are looking to ditch the cigarettes in favour of e-liquids, nicotine salts may just be the solution!


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If you’re new to vaping or have found in the past that it hasn’t quite sufficed in staving those cigarette cravings, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Vapemate, we’re specialists in the subject of nic salts, and here you can get hold of a wide variety of nic salt e-liquids, perfect for starting a healthier lifestyle.

What are nic salts?

‘Nicotine salts’ is the term used for the form which tobacco is naturally found within tobacco leaves. It differs from standard nicotine or "freebase" nicotine as it contains both nicotine and a collection of other organic components. 

When used within an e-liquid, nic salts offer the consumer a much stronger hit of nicotine as it can be absorbed faster into the bloodstream when compared to conventional nicotine – but more on that shortly!

Why choose nicotine salts over traditional e-liquids?

For most, electronic cigarettes and vape liquid are a go-to solution to help quit smoking. Of course, this isn’t always the case, and some may just enjoy the flavours and varieties that the vaping experience can offer. But, if you are trying to wean off or quit smoking for good, nicotine salts can be an excellent alternative to traditional e-liquids, for a number of reasons.

Quicker nicotine hit

First and foremost, nic salt liquids are better absorbed by the body, giving you that nicotine hit that you’re already familiar with from smoking cigarettes. This is because, compared to freebase nicotine, nic salts allow the nicotine to enter the bloodstream faster, in just 6-7 seconds!

More affordable

Whilst it’s true that nicotine liquids are more expensive as a stand-alone item, they are much more efficient than traditional e-liquids. If you’re trying to quit smoking with regular e-liquids, you may find yourself getting through bottle after bottle. With nic salt e-liquids, you can benefit from a more satisfying and effective hit, meaning you will naturally use less at a time.

Smoother throat hit

If you’ve been vaping for a while, you will probably be all too familiar with that feeling of throat hit. Typically, though, the stronger nicotine level you opt for in your e-liquid, the harsher the throat hit can be, which for many can boarder on unpleasant.

Nic salt juice offers all the strength, with a smoother and milder throat hit. No more burning sensation thanks to the careful balance of nic salts with benzoic acid – perfect!

Do nic salt e liquids require specific vape kits?

Yes – the truth is that there are certain types of vape kits that are just not suitable for use with nic salt e-liquid. Take sub ohm tanks for example, which typically work from mouth to lung, and produce impressive billows of cloud vapour when used. This type of vape kit is simply unsuitable for use with nicotine salt e-liquid, and the reason for this is that nic salts are typically too high in nicotine concentration, making them unsafe for use in high powered vape kits such as Sub Ohm tanks.

The good news is that there are a huge range of suitable vape kits you can use for your nicotine liquids, many of which are available here at Vapemate. As a general rule, the best types of vape kits for nicotine liquids with high nicotine strength are low powered. This is great news if you’re looking to save on money as these types of vape kits are usually much more affordable and perfect for throwaway convenience.

Can you make your own nic salt e liquids?

Many vape enthusiasts opt to make their own e-liquids in a bid to save money and customise their favourite flavours with ease. This remains the case for those looking to make their own nic salt e-liquid, however safety is of paramount importance here.

There are plenty of things which can go wrong when creating your own e-liquid, and when you combine nicotine salts into the mix, which contain highly concentrated nicotine levels, it becomes even more important to do things safely, using the necessary equipment.

Typically, your e-liquid will consist of four ingredients; nicotine, flavour concentrate and diluents: PG or VG. When combined together in the correct ratios, pretty much anyone can create a great tasty nicotine liquid, but proper safety wear such as gloves and goggles will be necessary for this. A little unsure? Check out our DIY E liquids range as well as our guide to making your own e-liquid here.

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