Menthol E Liquid

Menthol e-liquid is a popular choice for many vapers as it replicates the taste of menthol cigarettes. Menthol flavouring can provide a powerful minty hit, leaving you with a fresh taste in your mouth. Browse our range of menthol vape juice below!


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Menthol Vape Juice

Menthol can be either a natural or synthetic substance. It has significant cooling properties that can offer a pleasant sensation when used medicinally. Importantly, it is the cooling properties of menthol that help to make it such a wonderful addition to any vaping experience.

Here you'll find menthol vape juice with nicotine and without. There are pure mint flavours as well as fruity ones such as apple mint, strawberry mint, raspberry mint, and "mentholyptus.". Continue to read on as we help you decide whats best for you.


What is the best menthol e-liquid?

The best menthol vape juice will likely depend on your personal preference. They all deliver a rich and flavoursome minty burst with every hit. You're sure to find one you love here. Here are some of our best-rated:  

  • Vapemate Classic Menthol E Liquid: This is an extremely popular option for vapers who want a pure menthol experience. it can be customised according to the strength that you want and the combination of VG and PG blend.
  • Apple Menthol Flavour: Sweet and juicy apples perfectly complement the icy tastes of the mint. It can be customised according to the combination of VG and PG that you prefer and is available in a range of nicotine strengths.
  • Strawberry and Raspberry Menthol Nicotine Salts: Nicotine salts use natural, rather than synthetic, which can eliminate any harshness. When paired with fruity flavours like raspberry and strawberry, menthol shines alongside them. This is perfect for an all-around and natural liquid.


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Menthol E-liquid Flavours

There are many different types of minty fresh menthol vape juice flavours. Of course, not all mints were created equal!

Pure mint menthol e-liquid

These menthol e-liquids deliver a concentrated burst of minty flavour that instantly cools and refreshes when you inhale it. They are generally relatively strong and give you an extreme cooling hit. Of course, there are different types of pure mint menthol juices, including spearmint and peppermints.

Fruity menthol e-liquid

Fruit complements the minty taste perfectly, contrasting with the menthol to deliver a multidimensional taste experience. There are plenty of different combinations to experiment with such as Raspberry MentholCherry Menthol, and Blackcurrant menthol e-liquid.

Other menthol combinations

If you have recently switched from cigarettes to vaping in the wake of the ban on menthol cigarettes, you might want to try Tobacco Menthol. This flavour is a healthier way to enjoy the flavours of traditional menthol cigarette smoking.

Menthol nicotine salts

Nicotine salts are a more concentrated and purer way to inhale your nicotine and they are readily available as nic salts. In nic salts, the nicotine is extracted directly from the plant, making it a smoother way to vape. As menthol nic salts deliver an intense flavour burst, the smoothness of nic salts works perfectly with menthol flavours.

If you're not sure which menthol vape juice will suit you best, it's a great idea to begin by trying a few different flavours before you decide.


Menthol Strength

Generally, menthol vape juices range in strength from 0 mg of nicotine up to 20 mg of nicotine. However, if you are looking for something a little different, check out menthol CBD vape liquids which are available in strengths of premium-grade cannabidiol of up to 3000 mg.

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Will menthol e-liquid be banned?

Vapes have been shown by multiple studies to be significantly safer than cigarettes. With this, the government has no plans to prevent people from vaping, especially as vapes are often used by smokers to help quit. Therefore, it is unlikely that menthol e-liquid will be outlawed in the foreseeable future.

If you need help with choosing your menthol vape juice or any other vape-related help, please read vaping basics or contact us at Vapemate.

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