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Tobacco e-liquids deliver the classic taste that many smokers know and love. We offer an extensive variety of tobacco vape juice flavours to choose from. Browse our range below.


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What tobacco vape juice is closest to a cigarette?

Our tobacco vape juices reproduce the rich and smoky flavours that are familiar in cigarettes, cigars, and pipes, blended with our unique combination of flavourings. Different flavours will suit your individual preferences and it's an excellent idea to try a wide variety of flavours, blends, and strengths to determine which ones are your favourites.

Amber Blend is a flavour that tastes extremely similar to Golden Virginia Tobacco. With a smooth flavour, it's an excellent option for anyone who wants to make the transition from tobacco to vaping.

For many new vapers, menthol tobacco is the most popular flavour and this is an excellent option to help you quit cigarettes for good. If you're a new vaper, check out our beginner's guide to vaping.


What is the best tobacco e-liquid?

Some of our flavour combinations have the best sweet edge and some have a bitter tang that will tantalise your senses. Pair any of our flavours with your morning coffee or a glass of single malt whiskey to enhance the flavour! We offer a variety of different tobacco e-liquids, here are our favourites:


Our Vapemate Classics and Origins tobacco flavour e-liquids are a rich and vibrant selection of delectable vape juices. With a variety of different blends, each delivering its own unique flavour sensation, vapers can select the one that best meets their needs. From Amber Blend to Havana Cigar, whatever your preferences, there is the perfect vape juice for you within our vast Vapemate collection.

The Salt Works

The Salt Works nic salts in tobacco flavour offer a smooth and natural vaping experience, free of any harshness and allowing you to enjoy the purity of nicotine salts. As well as tobacco flavour, The Salt Works nic salts are also available in blackcurrant, strawberry, custard, and menthol.

Ultimately, you may find that you prefer caramel tobacco, pure tobacco, an amber blend, or a different flavour entirely. Experiment with a variety of brands, VG: PG combinations and strengths. Try our traditional vape liquids as well as our nic salts. You will be spoiled for choice!


What are the best nic salts tobacco e-liquids?

Nic salts contain nicotine that has been extracted directly from the plant rather than synthetically produced. Many vapers enjoy the smooth nicotine hit that nic salts offer. It delivers a quick and concentrated nicotine fix and is a great option for new vapers who are looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping. Check out some of our premium nic salts today.


Tobacco E-liquid Strength

If you’re unsure what nicotine strength will match your smoking habit, we’ve made it easy for you with the below:

Strength | Suggested use

  • 0% (0mg) | For nicotine-free vaping
  • 0.3% (3mg)| For very light smokers
  • 0.6% (6mg) | For smokers of 10 light cigarettes a day
  • 1.2% (12mg) | For smokers of 10 standard cigarettes a day
  • 1.8% (18mg) | For smokers of 15-20 cigarettes a day

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Is tobacco vape juice safe?

All our tobacco flavoured e-liquids are legally compliant and fully TPD regulated. At Vapemate, we only offer premium e-liquids of the highest standard to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and pleasurable experience.

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Find your perfect tobacco e-liquid at Vapemate

Vapemate is the perfect place to find your ideal tobacco e-liquids. We offer a diverse and varied range of flavourings that offer something for everyone. Whether you prefer pure tobacco flavour, menthol tobacco flavour or any other variation, you can find what you're looking for on our website.

With our 10 ml bottles, you can experiment with a variety of blends and combinations to identify the right flavour and strength for you. Our shortfills are excellent for a bespoke experience and allow you to tailor your vape liquids to your specific requirements. What's more, you can also choose the right VG: PG blend to get the ultimate hit, whether you prefer mouth to lung or sub-Ohm vapes.

If you need help in deciding which tobacco e-liquid is right for you, head to our contact page to get in touch.


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