Making the Switch to E cigarettes

New to electronic cigarettes and vaping? Want to make the switch but not sure what you need? These short guides will help you with some basic knowledge. Go smoke-free today! No ash, no tar & no more nasty smells.

A cigarette is simple. You just light it. But with e cigarettes there’s such a huge variety of devices on the market that you might feel overwhelmed when you’re first making the switch. But here’s why taking that first step doesn’t have to be daunting.

You can buy throwaway e cigarettes – like those found in petrol stations and supermarkets, as well as fully custom-built devices known as mods or Personal Vaping Devices.

making the switch to vaping

Cig-a-likes are often the first stop for a person quitting smoking. These resemble real cigarettes in appearance and are less expensive. But they're often unsatisfying for heavier smokers and have a limited battery life. Often these are disposable or utilise a disposable cartridge.

Vaping with e liquid and a more advanced kit gives you greater control over the quality of your vape, as well as enjoying the benefits of smoother nicotine delivery.

Intro to Vaping – Kits

If you smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day, starting with a disposable e cigarette may not be the best choice. It won’t offer enough strength or vapour to fulfil your cravings.

The Flare Vape Kit has more power and a tank for your e liquid, so there’s more choice of flavour than with a disposable e cigarette.

Using the Flare Vape Kit

  • Fill the tank with an eliquid of your choice, but not past the fill line
  • Screw the clearomiser onto the top of the battery
  • Click the power button 5 times to turn it on (and off)
  • To vape, activate the battery by pressing the firing button while taking a draw on the tip
  • The Flare features short-circuit protection, 10-second auto-shutoff, and low-voltage protection to shut off the battery before it can fully discharge
  • You'll need to refill your clearomiser when it's empty. Unscrew the bottom and fill the tank with more eliquid
  • When the battery is low charge it via a USB port
  • Avoid charging it overnight
  • The atomiser head may eventually need to be replaced
Make the switch with our Flare Kit

Beginning Vaping – Glossary of Common Terms

PG – Propylene Glycol. A main ingredient of e liquid. Gives the ‘throat hit’.

VG – Vegetable Glycerin. A main ingredient of e liquid. Thicker than PG it helps create the cloud.

Mg – milligrams, the measure of nicotine strength.

Box Mod – the power unit, holds the batteries and controls the elements of your vape experience such as power output.

Tank – holds the e liquid and supplies the wick.

Coil – a metal wire shaped into a coil with wicking material through the middle. Power is fed through the wire from the battery.

Atomiser – the collective parts of the e cigarette that converts e liquid to a vapour.

Clearomiser – an atomiser with a clear tank.

Wattage/Power output – power supplied from the batteries. Different e liquids vapourise at different power levels. For example, a high VG e liquid requires more power.

Dripping – pouring the e liquid straight onto the wicking material.

Ohm – the measurement of electrical resistance (the coil). Important if you build your own coils as you get more advanced.

Wicking – material in the centre of the coil that draws the e liquid.

O-rings – helps prevent tank leakages

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