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Making The Switch

New to electronic cigarettes and vaping? Want to make the switch but not sure what you need? These short guides will help you with some basic knowledge. Go smoke free today! No ash, no tar & no more nasty smells.

Making the Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Making the switch to Ecigarettes


If you've never so much as held an ecigarette before, this is the place for you.

These short guides contain all the basic knowledge you need to begin living a life without smoke: no ash, no tar, and no more nasty smells! 


Making the switch to ecigarettes 

There is now a huge variety of devices on the market available for you to try. These include the cheap throwaway ecigarettes you can buy in petrol stations and supermarkets, as well as fully custom-built devices known as mods or PVDs (Personal Vaping Devices).

Vapemate understands that variety is the spice of life -- would we have more than 170 eliquid flavours if we were creatures of habit? But we'll also be the first to tell you that not all variety is created equal. Cig-a-likes may be cheap and resemble real cigarettes most closely, but they're often unsatisfying for heavier smokers and have a limited battery life. Vaping with eliquid gives the user the ability to exert greater control over the quality of his vape, as well as enjoy the benefit of a smoother nicotine delivery.

If you're new to all of this, don't worry -- we make intro kits to help you walk before you run.

For lighter smokers, we recommend starting with a ‘cig-a-like’ Ozone Ecigarette Kit, since they look and behave very similarly to a real cigarette.

If you smoke 10-20 cigarettes a day, starting with a disposable ecigarette may not be the best choice. It won’t offer enough strength or vapour to fulfil your cravings. Try the Flare Vape Kit instead. Your chances of success are far greater with a Flare Vape Kit than with a disposable or intro kit.

For vaping purists and seekers of top-shelf quality, we turn your attention to the mod. However, there is generally a learning curve required to master the mod, so we do not advise buying a mod to start with. 


Check to make sure you've got everything: 1 Ozone ecigarette battery, 2 high-strength ecigarette cartridges, 1 low-strength ecigarette cartridge, 1 carrying case and 1 USB charger

  • Cig-a-likes don't come with refillable tanks that you need to purchase eliquid for. The three prefilled cartridges are equivalent to 20-30 cigarettes each
  • To start, screw the cartridge onto the battery
  • Simply inhale through the cartridge to activate the battery
  • You'll need to charge the battery by screwing on the included USB charger
  • Avoid charging your device overnight 


Check to make sure you've got everything: 1 Vapemate Flare battery, 1 clearomiser (that includes one atomizer head), 1 USB charger, 1 carrying case, and 1 10mL bottle of eliquid

  • Screw the clearomiser onto the top of the battery
  • Click the power button 5 times to turn it on and off
  • To activate the battery, press the firing button while sucking on the tip
  • The Flare features short-circuit protection, 10-second auto-shutoff, and low-voltage protection to shut off the battery before it can fully discharge
  • You'll need to refill your clearomiser when it's empty. Unscrew the bottom and fill the tank with more eliquid
  • You'll also need to recharge the battery, though the Flare battery lasts longer than the Ozone battery. It charges the same way, however -- via a USB port
  • As with the Ozone battery, avoid charging it overnight
  • The atomizer head may eventually need to be replaced with a spare you can purchase in the Vapemate store

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