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Vape tanks are a crucial component in most vaping devices. There are loads of varieties to choose from, from clear glass to coured plastic. Our range includes clearomisers, RDAs and RTAs to suit your individual preference, so take a look at our selection below.


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What are vape tanks?

Vape tanks can be found in almost all vape mods. They play a crucial role in how the user experiences their e-liquid and can also contribute to the overall aesthetic of the vape device.

Unlike standard e-cig or "cigalike" devices, which are designed for straight-forward vaping, most vaporisers use a tank or clearomiser to safely hold and store e-liquid be-tween uses. This component allows the user to customise their vaping experience, giv-ing them the freedom to control many aspects of how their vape will perform.

What are the different types of vape tank?

We understand why there is such a vast array of vape tanks available. But – what are they? Here, we have broken down the different types of vape tanks on the market, along with a brief explanation as to how they perform.

Standard Vape Tank

Your basic vape tanks, these typically comprise of a coil, and a wick to soak up your e-liquids. Although this is where vape tanks began, they are now considered pretty basic, and are often on the more affordable end of the scale. They’re a great option for those just getting into vaping.


Featuring a wick and a coil, clearomisers benefit from their transparency offering a clear advantage to the user, allowing you to see clearly how much e-liquid is left. They are usually unscrewed at the top cap for easy refills and allow you to also replace the coil for a more affordable, and customisable vape experience.

Sub-Ohm Tanks

Sub-ohming is hugely popular, especially for those looking for a bold vaping expe-rience. The ‘ohm’ refers to the measure of electrical resistance. In this case, it is the re-sistance of the coil, alongside the output of the vapes battery that determines the ohm. Sub-ohm usually refers to less than one ohm. If you’re looking for intense flavour and clouds that can turn heads - Sub-ohm tanks have the ability to work with lower re-sistance coils, offering you all the grandeur you could need.

Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers (RDA tanks)

They may sound complex, but RDA tanks are actually pretty easy to use! Rather than having a reservoir for e-liquid, much like a standard tank, instead you simply drip your e-liquid directly on to the coil itself. Of course, setting up an RDA is considered much more advanced, but once built, using one of these is fairly simple and offers some advantages – such as super thick plumage, ideal for the cloud chasers amongst you!

Rebuildable Tank Atomisers (RTA tanks)

Although fairly similar in practice to the RDA tanks, RTA vape tanks differ in that they do actually still feature the familiar refillable tanks. Perfect if you want the customi-zation of an RDA, without the hassle of manually dripping e-juice onto the coil.

What vape tank brands do Vapemate sell?

Here at Vapemate, we stock some of the biggest names in vaping, offering dozens of brands to cover every basis, whether you’re just getting started or a vaping veter-an.


  • Aspire - Aspire are famed for their high quality, affordable and high performing vape equipment, and they certainly don’t let down when it comes to vape tanks. We stock both the Aspire K2 tank for a direct mouth-to-lung experience, and the slightly more complex Aspire Revvo Sub-Ohm tank, featuring their revolutionary Aspire Radial Coil, ideal for those seeking a little more impact.


  • Innokin – a firm favourite with us here at Vapemate, Innokin have created some striking clearomisers, including the Innokin Endura T18E Prism Tank, and the Innokin Scion Sub-Ohm Tank, both of which we stock! Innokin’s Endura Prism Tank is a top fill-ing 2ml tank, available in a range of designs. It comes with the standard 510 connect-or, meaning it will work well with a wide range of vape mods. The Scion Sub-Ohm tank comes in a choice of 70 and 200W, allowing you to get the most out of every draw whilst still creating impressive clouds and intense notes.


  • Smok - Smok are well known in the vaping cir-cles for their powerful and easy-to-use devices. And the Smok Prince TFV12 tank looks and performs wonderfully, offering the avid vaper power-ful flavours and impressive vapour clouds. The best bit? This vape tank works wonder-fully with both sub-ohm vaping and standard e-liquids.

    To shop our entire range of vape tanks, simply browse above. Making a purchase has never been so straight-forward, simply select the one for you, add it to your basket – and checkout!

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