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Vape mods are the perfect option for any passionate vape enthusiast. Offering the choice to fully customise the vape experience, our range of vape and box mods is varied to suit all types of preferences.


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If you’re looking to step up your vaping game, you’ve come to the right place! We’re experts in our field, offering everything from vape starter kits to advanced box mod vapes, perfect for the advanced vaper. We’ll go through some of the basics below, but if you want more information, check out our guide to box mod vapes.

What are vape mods?

Have you been enjoying the benefits of vaping with a standard vape device for some time? If so, the chances are that you may be looking for the next step up in terms of technology to better improve your overall vaping experience. Sound familiar? Then you need to try vape mods.

Bigger, better, and offering you the option to modify your experience, vape mods or box mods are typically reserved for the more advanced vaper. From flavour and nicotine strength to how a vape device feels when you hold it – the longer you vape, the more you will learn about your preferences.

Do you love a larger billow of smoke? Maybe you want to adjust how harsh the throat hit is. Whatever your preferences are, vape mod kits can help you customise your experience, tailoring it to your specific liking for the ultimate vape.

Why choose a box mod vape?

First and foremost, box mods are designed to provide variety and an element of experimental fun for the experienced vaper. But what are the key benefits to opting for a box mod?

Well, box mods offer:

  • A larger battery – therefore longer battery life.
  • Larger capacity – so longer lasting e-liquid.
  • Adaptable – Want to create a sub-ohm vape device? You can do that with a box mod vape.
  • Adjustable – alter everything from the wattage and atomizer to the tank itself.
  • Heavy duty – typically box mods are much longer lasting than typical vape pens.
  • Temperature control – regulate the temperature of your vaper for a more personalised experience.

For those who are growing tired of their vape pod or traditional e-cig, box mod vapes are a fantastic alternative.

What to look for when choosing a vape mod:

As to be expected, there are a wide range of vape mods available out there and finding the right one for you may take a little research. Unfortunately, not all vape mod kits offer the same benefits, so here’s a run down of what to look out for when choosing your vape mod.

Adjustable power

Box mods are by far and away the most powerful type of vape device on the market and offer wattage control for the ultimate customisable experience. Unlike standard vape pens that can often show a delay before the coil is hot enough to produce vapour, box mods use their higher wattage to accelerate the process, offering you an almost instant hit.

Temperature control

There’s nothing worse than a powerful throat hit that burns on impact. This is a common complaint with powerful vape devices, and one that can often ruin the vape experience. A good box mod will offer temperature control, allowing you to regulate the temperature of the vape, so that you can create your perfect throat hit balance!

Ohm vs Sub-Ohm

Sub-Ohm vaping has become hugely popular, especially amongst experienced vapers who are looking for a more powerful experience. Part of the beauty of a box mod is the ability to swap and change the atomizer, allowing you to switch-up how you vape, as and when you want too.

Certain types of vape mods are best suited to different vape styles and liquids, so it’s worth taking a look through our collection of vape kits if this is a feature you value highly.

Changeable tanks

If your vape device is something you rely on, then the chances are you will have it with you at all times. For many, this can quickly lead to a desire to change things up, making vape mods a great option! The ability to customise vape tanks is one of the wonderful benefits of box mods, as it allows you to play around and change the appearance of your vape device, without shelling out to by a brand new one.

Whether you want your vape tank to hold larger amounts of e-liquid, or prefer it to create big, impressive plumes of vaper – the changeable tank feature gives you the power to customise your vape experience perfectly.

Battery life

Is there anything worse than your vape pen running out of battery when you’re out and about? If you’re an avid vaper but often find yourself caught short, box mods are a great option. Not only do they have much better battery life when compared to standard vape kits, but their vape batteries are interchangeable so that you never need go without again.

Of course, certain batteries are better than others, depending on the vape mod you have opted for, so it’s worth taking a look through our range of battery options to get a clearer idea.

Alternatively, you could opt for a lesser battery if you know you’ll have regular access to charging facilities. Perfect for those at home a lot or working in an office environment where charging is possible.

Are vape mods safe?

Although it may be tempting if you’re still new to the world of vaping to get your hands on all the different varieties of vape kit on offer – vaping with a box mod is certainly something you should hold off on until you’re a little more advanced.

Although safe when used correctly, box mods are much more powerful than standard vape starter kits, and in the wrong hands can make for an unpleasant and off-putting experience.

Put simply, modifying your vape kit can be complex, particularly if you’re still getting your head around the different elements of a vape device. Doing so before you’re ready could lead to damaged elements, and at worst, an uncomfortable vaping experience. 

We advise anyone opting for a box mod to do their research thoroughly before making and modifications. You can check out our in-depth box mod guide for further help and advice.

How to ensure your box mod vape remains in top condition

For many passionate vapers, a customized box mod can become an item of pride and joy – so it makes sense that you will want to do all you can to maintain its condition. Luckily, there are a range of things you can do to keep your vape mod looking great and performing well for the long-term. Here are just a few:

  • Regular cleaning – if you are using your vape device all of the time, you will want to ensure it remains in a clean state. This will ensure it continues running as expected and looks brand-new. Your specific box mod will come with its own cleaning advice in the user manual, so be sure to check that out.
  • Use high quality batteries – unfortunately, not all batteries are created equal, and usually the cheaper they are, the less safe they will be to use. Only purchase vape kit batteries from reputable sellers, and ensure it is suitable for your device.
  • Keep e-liquid levels topped up – a low e-juice level can have a significant impact on how your vape mod performs, so it’s imperative that you never let the level run down too low. Vaping with a box mod that hasn’t been properly topped up can damage the coil and can even be a fire hazard – so it’s simply not worth the risk!
  • Stay on top of parts maintenance – one of the biggest benefits to a box mod is how customisable it is, but the flip-side of this is that you will need to maintain all the different components to ensure a long and healthy vape device life. Cleaning the different parts of your vape kit, including the atomizer, will help them last longer. However, eventually coils will burn down, batteries will fail and you will need to stay on top of replacing these in order to get the best out of your box mod device.

If you’re ready to take the next step in customisable vaping, then check out our wide range of box mod vapes below!

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