The Future of E-Cigarettes

Jun 12, 2023

The Future of E-Cigarettes

Not so long ago, if someone had said the future of cigarettes would be electronic, you’d have probably scoffed at them. How on earth could you merge cigarettes and technology?

But it happened.

And now the vaping industry is predicted to be worth $20 billion by the end of this year and $30 billion by 2022.

The revolution of smoking

In a short space of time smoking has been revolutionised. A habit that is fast becoming socially unacceptable has been replaced with a habit that is not just accepted by the NHS as being a healthier alternative to smoking, but one that is actively advocated by Public Health England as the best way to quit smoking.

Despite the recent health scare in the US with vaping, PHE’s advice remains the same, that e-cigarettes are 95% less dangerous than smoking tobacco and using them “makes it much more likely you’ll quit successfully than relying on will power alone.”

In fact, John Newton, Director of Health Improvement for Public Health England said, “if you smoke, there is no situation where it would be better for your health to continue smoking rather than switching completely to vaping.”

So now that vaping is here to stay, what’s next for it? What does the future of e cigarettes look like?

The future of e cigarettes

There are an estimated 41 million vapers worldwide, with the US leading the way as the biggest market (the UK is second, followed by France, Germany, China and Canada). Yes, the industry is still small fry in comparison to Big Tobacco, e cigarettes account for just 7% of the total US nicotine market after all, but that doesn’t mean the future for vaping isn’t looking rosy.

Because the popularity of vaping is continuing to grow.

E cigarettes provide a viable, healthier option to those looking to quit smoking. With the world of flavours that vapers can enjoy, as well as the myriad of affordable vaping devices which appeal to the tech savvy vaper, it should come as no surprise that the appeal of vaping is increasing.

But that doesn’t mean that the job of e cigarette marketers is done. In fact, their job is only just beginning, because the future of e cigarettes should begin with raising awareness of the stark contrast between vaping and smoking.

Vaping isn’t smoking

One of the main problems stymying the growth of the vaping industry is that is still a relatively common held belief that e cigarettes are just as bad as smoking. When in fact e cigarettes don’t contain any of the harmful chemicals that traditional cigarettes do.

The fears that e cigarettes can cause the same harm to passive vapers as cigarettes do to passive smokers, is one of the reasons that vaping is still banned in some public places.

Traditional cigarette smoke is mainly comprised of carbon monoxide, whereas the vape from e cigarettes is water. And that needs to be highlighted.

But what else does the future of e cigarettes look like, besides raising awareness that e cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking?

The evolution of vape devices

Well, newer, more innovative vape devices for a start.

With the speed of technological advancements, the designs coming out of China are improving on a near daily basis - ensuring that each new iteration of vape device produces a cleaner, safer vape than the one before.

But to enable designers to keep working on making vape devices safer and more efficient, there has to be a demand for them. So raising awareness of e cigarettes is crucial, to maintain the demand for vaping products.

To highlight the development of the industry to date, we are currently on the third generation of vaping devices. The first generation were the ones introduced to the market back in 2004, when the phrase e cigarette was coined. These devices strongly resembled cigarettes, with a short battery life and limited flavour options.

The second generation were larger than the first and better equipped to handle the demands newly converted vapers placed on them. They were rechargeable, had a longer battery life, portable and gave the vaper a better quality of vape.

The third generation saw the introduction of vape mods and with them a more concerted effort to bring vaping to as many customers as possible, allowing vapers to customise and personalise their vaping experience.

Already vape devices are capable of being synced to smart phones. They feature digital displays. They have temperature control settings. They allow vapers to mix up the wattage. And they mean vapers don’t have to choose between the various types of e liquid they want to vape. From tobacco free e liquid to vaping CBD, with the current generation of vape devices, you can have it all.

But the industry won’t stop there.

The fourth generation of vape devices

Developers are continually looking at ways to enhance vaping technology. Expect coils to be replaced with nickel or titanium to get better conductivity and extend the life of the coils, giving the vaper a more flavourful vaping experience. Or the introduction of a Bluetooth model, meaning you never have to worry about misplacing your vape device ever again.

And already this fourth generation of vape devices are hitting the shops, featuring voice activated mods and illuminated models.

But that doesn’t mean that the future of vaping is already here. Far from it.

We are just entering this next generation of vape devices and expectations are high. Smaller devices, better efficiency, more flavour, better battery life, and a personalised vape experience - it’s an exciting time to be a vaper.

Guaranteeing the future of e cigarettes

So what can we all do to ensure the continuation of vaping evolution?

Easy - by helping to spread the word that:

  • Vaping isn’t smoking.
  • Vaping is the best way to quit smoking.
  • There is an exciting world of vaping just waiting to be explored, and you don’t have to be a smoker to enter it.

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