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Vape pods are a great choice for new and seasoned vapers alike. These kits are easy to use and give a hassle-free vaping experience. Our vape pods are available in a wide and versatile range to suit any vaping style, you can see all our kits below.


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From standard pod vapes offering pre-filled or refillable systems, to pod kits allow-ing you to customize your device a little more, here at Vapemate – we’ve got everything you could need and more to get started. If you’re not sure what you need just yet, check out our beginner’s guide to vaping.

What are vape pods?

Essentially, vape pods are an e-cigarette made from two basic components: the vape bat-tery and the pod itself.

Pods are ideal as a vape starter kit offering simplicity and ease at every turn. If you’re not ready to be bombarded with complex terms and intricate technology, choosing a pod vape is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of vaping gently. And, they are the perfect device for transitioning from cigarettes too!

Whilst there are a few different types of vape pod systems out there, the options to customise remain limited. This is to ensure the overall pod vaping experience remains a straight-forward one.

The Vape Pod Experience

You can get the sensation of smoking a cigarette with draw-activated vape pods that offer direct mouth to lung vaping. Or you can go for a classing device featuring the familiar firing button. If variety is your thing, many of the best pod kits offer refillable pods, so you can switch up your e-liquids with ease!

Whatever your particular preference may be though, the bottom line is that vape pods offer a super discreet, simple and effective solution for those looking to quit ciga-rettes, or who might be looking to add a vape device to their collection that’s perfect for stealth vaping.

What are the benefits of vape pods?

Vape pods have certainly seen an increase in popularity since the first was re-leased in 2015, and we can see why! Small, portable, and effective, they have become the go-to vape device for those just starting out on their vaping journey. But, pod kits aren’t just beneficial for starters. Experienced vapers can also reap the rewards of opt-ing for a vape pod system, with many choosing to add to their collection for times where quick and easy vaping is required.

Here are just a few of the key reasons why vape pods are amongst the best on the market:

Super easy to use

Although some vape enthusiasts love nothing more than modifying complex vape tanks to create their perfect vape experience. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a simple, straight-forward hit of your favourite vape juice. For beginners, the sheer sim-plicity of vape pods makes them the ideal place to begin. For those who have been vaping for a while, they offer an easy alternative for on-the-go vaping that requires little to no upkeep at all.

Compact & discreet

Plenty of vapers love to leave a trail of thick plumage wherever they go, but for many, the option to have a device that is subtle and discreet is of paramount im-portance. Whether you’re new to vaping and feel a little self-conscious, or you simply don’t want to be carrying around a heavy, bulky vape device – pod kits offer the perfect solution.

Good for strong doses of nicotine

Whether you’re opting for pre-filled or refillable vape pod systems, this type of de-vice lends itself perfectly to higher nicotine strengths and nicotine salts. It is primarily for this reason that pod vapes are so popular with those look-ing to make the switch from cigarettes to vaping.

Open pod systems are refillable

If you want the ease of vaping with a vape pod, but don’t want to sacrifice the op-tions of flexibility, an open pod system is the perfect choice. Just as easy to use, but with refillable pods, allowing you to still get the taste of your favourite liquids.

Pre-filled pod systems ideal for convenience

Ideal if this is your first time vaping, or if you’re looking for something you can take on-the-go, which requires minimal fuss.

Also referred to as closed system vape kits, these are popular as a quick, effortless alternative to cigarettes. And, here at Vapemate, we offer a huge range of pre-filled pods for you to choose from, so there is bound to be a flavour for you!

What are the best vape pod brands?

When it comes to creating the perfect vaping experience, variety is key. That’s why, here at Vapemate, we have ensured our selection of vape pods are varied, offering a range of options to both new and advanced vapers. Some of the most popular brands include:

Innokin vape pods

From the stylish and sleek Innokin EQs vape pod this line of vape pod systems offers excellent ultra-compact vaping for on-the-go. And, here at Vapemate, we stock a wide rage of their best-selling pod kits.

The Innokin EQs pod kit offers a refillable pod system, allowing you to enjoy your favourite e-liquid flavours, as well as nic salts too! It also allows you to alter the wattage, giving the more ex-perienced vaper a little more scope for customization.

Innokin also offer other popular vape pod kits, including the Innokin Z-BIIP, which offers a little more in the way of fancy features, including the audible status fea-ture, allowing you to see and hear when your vape pod needs your attention.

Aspire vape pods

Aspire are amongst some of the best-known names in vaping, and we can see why! From the super simple Aspire Breeze 2 kit, through to the ultra-sleek Aspire Cob-ble all in one kit, this brand has made a name for itself when it comes to effortless vaping!

There truly is something for everyone in the Aspire vape pods range, whether you want the freedom to personalise your device with a change of coils, or prefer straight-forward, autodraw vaping, we stock everything you need and more!

iQ One vape pods

The iQ One pod vape offers the ultimate in discreet vaping. Stylish and ultra-portable, this refillable vape pod features a range of styles, as well as a high performing iQ chipset allowing for a effortless and reliable vaping experience.

Lost Vape Pod Kits

From the Lost Vape Lyra pod kits to the Orion Q Kit – we’re huge fans of the Lost Vape brand and know you will be too! If you’re looking for a stylish vape pod that truly stands out, the Lost Vape Lyra pod kit is perfect.Coming in a range of vibrant designs, this mouth to lunch and direct to lung vaping deice is one of our favourites! Switch up coils depending on your preference, and benefit from the easy refillable pods, offering flexibility!

In true Lost Vape style, the Orion Q pod kits also offer some pretty funky designs and is the latest in the brands Orion range. This is a refillable pod kit capable of working ef-fortlessly with both standard e-liquids and nic salts too.

To view our entire range of vape pod systems, take a look through. Simply select the one that suits your needs, add it to basket and checkout – it’s as simple as that!

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