Vapemate Quit Smoking App

Need some motivation to make the switch? The Vapemate no smoking tracker shows you the cigarettes you avoid and the money you save. Go smoke free today! No ash, no tar, & no more nasty smells.

The Vapemate app is a non-smoking timer and savings calculator showing you how long it has been since you started vaping or quit smoking and how much money you save when you switch to vape kits!

The app keeps track of how much you have spent on e cigarettes and vaping equipment and supplies compared to how much it was costing you to smoke each week. With these figures, the app tracks how much you are are saving by vaping instead of smoking. It also tracks how many cigarettes you have avoided since you stopped smoking.

The App is available by logging into your account. Once set up, you can view your stats by hovering your mouse over the app icon in the top navigation.


I saved thousands in the first year of quitting. The Vapemate app helps me track the money I save and I use it to post to Instagram and share my progress with my friends. I love using it and recommend it for anyone looking to make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

Paul N, London

Vapemate’s quitting smoking app helps you to measure your quitting success. Once you’ve logged into your account you can set the date you quit, how much a packet of cigarettes costs, and how much money you’ve spent on vape mods and e liquid. Plug it in and you get a constantly updated saving.

Using Vape to Quit Smoking

Many people use vape and an e cigarette as a means to quit smoking or reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke in a day.

Using the Vapemate stop smoking tracker, you can measure just how much you save on your journey to quitting for good. It can really help give you a boost when the going gets tough, as it can sometimes do when you’re trying to quit cigarettes for good.

Vaping offers an alternative when quitting and there are many success stories.

Using the Vapemate Stop Smoking Tracker

Once you’ve added all the elements into your app account, you can easily track your progress by hovering over the app text on the top left hand page of the Vapemate website. You’ll be shown the app details, personalised to you, with the amount you’ve saved and how long you’ve been cigarette free. Then just keep going. Some of our customers then share this detail with friends using social media.

When it comes to quitting smoking every bit of support is vital. The more you get the easier it becomes to stop for good.

Track How Much You’ve Spent on Vape

The no smoking app also tracks how much you’ve spent on e liquid, so you can compare just how much you’ve saved between smoking and vaping. With cigarettes so expensive these days we’re sure it’s likely to be a figure that will want to keep you off the cigarettes forever. Share your success stories with others to help them through the hardest times of quitting smoking. And share your vaping success stories too.

And when you're ready to blend your own you can move on the Vapemate e liquid calculator to get that perfect blend.